The Kawasaki Nomad is one of the best baggers out there for the money. The others, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki don't have any thing out there to even come close to the Nomad or Vaquero

They made the best mechanical components, engines, brakes, you named it! But when it comes to electrical components or fitting... its an issue, but not a big one

Kawasaki engineering is the best in the motorcycle industry. Period.

Rouser 135 Great Engine Fuel Consumption

Kawas are all about power, great engines, super sophisticated technology (KHI is one of the most technically advanced industrial group in the world). In fee words, tough guy-only, no nonsense, super fast tools.

How did ninja end up 4th on best motorcycles? Still better than Harley though, I guess.

Kawasaki is the best brand ever and should be more nearer the top of this list.

Kawasaki never hold their value which is why I would never buy one. Hence throwing money away... seems stupid to me.

Fastest bikes on the planet. Suzuki sucks laugh out loud

Most PowerFul & Beautiful Bikes ever.. The Kawasaki

Brand is Japanese and parts are not made in China.

I like the dirt bike range an I have tried all sorts of motorbikes but this brand had to be the best.

I'm the lucky owner of a ZZR 1400 mod. 2012: Awesome power delivery, terrific speed, outstanding acceleration. These are the characteristics of most of the models of this brand. Definitely the wildest, tough-guy, muscular motorcycle brand in the world.

Just look at what this company makes besides bikes.

Kawasaki has the best colour and the coolest bikes

Ultimate and cool style of kawasaki ninja 1000

Rouser 134 Great Engine Fuel Consumption

Kawasaki. Let the good times roll.

Kawasaki motorcycle is the best

Ninja 300-abs is very powerful and absolutely excellent

I think it should be 2 because it is SEXY Chinese work!

The fastest and the suspension is awesome on them

It is the fastest in straight line performance

I love how they make every thing for everyone

Great ride and reliability with my Voyager