Meant for dirty and damp Indian roads, Should be at the topmost position in India

Best bike to race good ile for young and old riders 2 stroke and 4 stroke extremely fast bikes you can get 50 60 65 80 85 100 110 125 250 450 500 and 620 KTM BEST DIRT BIKE IN THE WORLD

KTM is the best make it has the best dynamics ever. It will sure beat all the remaining brands.

Why the hell isn't KTM NUMBER ONE IT IS THE BEST BIKE YOU CAN GET and look so sexy!

Ktm uses advance technology in their bikes. Looks, coloring are unique. !

Sharp and quicker than compare to other mid range motorcycles. So this is the best for me.

Ktm is the best bike brand of all time

Best motorcycle brand ever no other one can challenge KTM

Ktm should be at least in the top three best bikes ever

Much better from any other brand in their segment

Ktm makes most aggressive bike brand in the world

KTM is the best Motorbike that I have ever drive.

The best because it has a great look and I have a ktm125 And I am only 14 they handle like A dream

Value for money..incredible power

Best looking bikes in the market.

Ktm are the best motocross and off road bikes. Their superbikes are also very cool. Best craftmanship and engineering. Very fast, durable, safe best bikes

It is the most affordable and real world performance

This is my darling super duke 1290 R special edition

KTM always great I love KTM. KTM you are the best.

KTM are the comfiest bikes and I would know because I've owned all of the big 5

KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki
I've also ridden a number of no-brand Japanese bikes

Death bike but gives a huge thrill

KTM is providing us ready to race machines...
Nt it is going famour day by day with d series name DUKE and RC8

The engine performance of KTM is awesome.
And It's very comfortable to ride KTM bikes.
Fabulous job KTM.

Torque crazy wheelie machines!

Austrian designers r awesome,now they have the power to beat yamaha and bmw