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21 Mahindra

Awesome bike!
Unique features, great mileage, very comfortable bike.
I love mahindra centuro!

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22 Keeway

Very high quality motorcycle can compare to honda and yamaha..

Design And Comfortable just Awesome

Very realiable motorcycles. Have a Superlight 125cc and a Landcruiser 250cc. In the 125cc I made some one day trips with more than 600km, in hot summer, without any problem. Recomend it.

23 SYM Motors

Reliable bikes, the performance it looks like honda and the best seller and number 1 in Taiwan scooter and motorcycles. that's why I own one sym bonus 110.

The sym it's so powerful its looks like a honda I own one sym bonus 100

More strong and reliable motorcycle


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24 Lifan

Great bike in price to performance ratio.

Lifan kpr 150 is good for performance.

I like lifan bikes, I have KPR 200
Performance great, value for money
Amazing bikes by lifan

25 Walton

They are light and agile. Though they don't make powerful bikes. They are super affordable and their bikes have good power to weight ratio and in good hands so you can compete with other bikes.

Affordable motorcycles with good configurations

Value of money

Yes! it's a great bike makers. I used and enjoyed this

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26 Rusi

Dapat number tong RUSI more unit on the road eh

I love rusi rango style

Buy today, junk tomorrow...

Neron na kaming 5 units

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27 Motorstar

Motorstar is the powerful motor in China manufacturer and it is strong and reliable motor so ihave own a motorstar well 110 it's so powerful and aggresive like honda

Exclusive dealer of ZONGSHEN! The original and largest most successful motorcycle manufacturer in China! Cheapest Quality Motorcycle! Planning to acquire their new look explorer 200r, CBR look alike... ride your own big bike for only 59k! In pesos.. this would be my 4th acquired motorcycle manufactured by ZONGSHEN!

What a great motorcycle xplorer200r d best

Origin of motorstar is Vietnam and Indonesia...nakikilala n din and motorstar...

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28 Victory Motorcycles

Would I buy it again, in a heart beat. Rode it and bought it, love it.

Better quality than a Harley

Rides real smooth, and light!

The price stops me from owning one.As well as a Vincent Black Shadow,Lightning.

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29 Lamborghini

I like Lamborghini cars but they should Change the style of their motorcycles and Have a stronger Motor. So I mean like a 1000cc Motor. :-)

La Lamborghini goes so fast think its huidini


30 Buell

They are the coolest motorcycle on the planet. They should never have stopped making them.

31 Racal Motors V 3 Comments
32 Piaggio

The only scooter & motorcycle have a clubs around the world and finally they get together in Vespa world club

Vespa is one of most famous icon of the world

MP3 is a great scooter so are the Vespas. Shame their service and parts availability are so lacking in the US.

Vespa new PX is luxury

33 Haojue

Haojue top 1 Chinese brand, manufacturer of haojue and suzuki

My weekend ride never had any problem

I like haojue

Very good

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34 Skygo

Skygo has proved you don't have to be one of the big four to succeed, Skygo put together a team of experts in the Motorcycle field went to China and picked the best parts, built their own assembly plant and have over one hundred dealers and service centers, they are outselling Honda and the other Japanese cycles here in the south Philippines, as far as business motorcycles, use in every day work they will last, the big four have lost 10% sales and the China Bikes have gained 20%

Skygo 125 and 150 just as good as Honda and outsell Honda for business bike in south Philippines

Skygo wizard 125 or 150 is the powerful model of skygo it is the equivalent of tmx 125 or 155 but skygo is 5th gear unlike honda 4th gear only and you can't get alow price of this pair

Skygo is the equivalent of honda in China it so powerful and agressive and you can get low prices you like

35 Puch

Very well-made, reliable and classy bikes

36 CF Moto


37 Passion Pro
38 Birmingham Small Arms

BSA - Proper English bikes. You can't argue that these were the best bikes of days gone by.

I'm glad they made Rifles,but more glad when they made working class bikes.As the Triumph's where a little out of reach in the 1950' to 1972.

We only bought BSA bikes, and were never disappointed in the early 50s. Werneth Proud!

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39 Kymco

Kymco agility city, good scooter for the money.

Kymco is better than best bike ever.

Reliable motorcycle. I got visa r 110 and it's superb.

Kymco is the 1

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40 Demak

Demak skyline 200 own all cheapo bike

Yay so proud we're better than cagiva


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