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61 CR&S V 1 Comment
62 Atomik
63 Vincent

My whole family thinks this is the best thing on two wheels. Vincent Black Shadow! - tenorsaxer435

Everything already said about the most advanced bike of its time

V 1 Comment
64 Sachs

650 roadster great fun sounds fantastic even with stock pipe

V 1 Comment
65 Ural

I have two a 2002&2007 the 07 2 wheel drive broke it in going down and back Baja 2100 miles ride it most every day I well be 90 in November great bike to go to Dillon's love to take rides in my side car would love to have new but what I have keep running fume by I will take you a ride.

Great Bike with a long history. Oldest manufactured Bike in the world ( yes longer than the Royal Enfield Bullet ).

Really great motorbike

Simple to ride,simple to work on, convenient, certainly no speed demon, good for riding off road, heck, take the dog with you!

66 Yamoto
67 Lucky Star
68 Regal Raptor

Ride into the sun The Regal Raptor will put you well on your way forever; on those long lonely dusty roads to nowhere, it will be the only true companion with just you, nature, and your trusted friend the Regal Raptor!

69 Modenas V 1 Comment
70 Sunbeam
71 Paton
72 Jianshe
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