Yamaha by far above honda. Most people assume that honda motorcycles and honda cars are built by the same people lol they are not! Not even close! Honda by far has the worst quality in bikes since around 2011 if I remember the date correctly. When they started manufacturing junk out of Thailand... enough said. Yamaha very well in my option is even more reliable then honda with my fair share of first hand experience. I've had the same Yamaha for 7 years before I even changed the oil! Yes I know, naughty but It was and old bike I wanted to put to the test and just abuse it and it more then stood up it even out lasted two of my civics LMAO. Honda used to be good. In the early 90s on the other hand Yamaha has always been great and still is. They never seem to cut corners even on their brand new line up of cheap bikes! They are still built better then a mid priced honda. Lol. Sorry honda boys.

Yamaha comes with year long experience style and everything a motor bike enthusiast wants. The performance and trustfulness doesn't come with any other companies. Moreover the best technology in motorbike sector and way better than honda or ducatti or anything

I owned many Harleys in my life I finally came to the conclusion that you are paying for the name. They don't hold there value very good anymore and my Yamaha Raider rocks next to any Harley that I owned. The reliability is bar none the best. Upkeep is by far cheaper than Harley and the build quality is not even close. You pay more for less with a Harley!


I have owned 2 yamaha motorcycles. I beat the hell out of them, and they still ran like champs. I had to sell them cause I needed money. I am in a situation again where I can buy another motorcycle and I am looking for a yamaha.

Bike means Yamaha not others in my mind.
Learned biking on Yamaha RX100, owned RD350 and now enjoying Yamaha Fazer..
Yamaha rules...

Tintu K, Kochi

After driving Harleys for 34 years, I bought my first Yamaha, the first thing I noticed was didn't have to take it in for warranty service. It requires little service, handles better, more comfortable, faster, more power, and less expensive, The thing that attracted me was, it didn't have the Harley Twin Cam engine.

Yamaha power full smooth riding experience I love yamaha

No other brand just care for the bike's looks as well like Yamaha. Super stylish and value for money bike.

To say Honda's are more reliable than Yamaha in my opinion is not true. There is no doubt that Honda makes incredibly reliable machines. But as far as motocross bikes are concerned if you do your research you will find that modern four stoke mx bikes nothing has been constantly more reliable than Yamaha.

Yamaha's Are nice to ride quick and do 0-60 in 2.6 Seconds

Yamaha is recently the most standardised and top end quality producer of motorcycles. Their bikes have come out to be the best as a consequence. Especially for racing Yamaha bikes are seemingly the best there is.

Yamaha bikes are by far the best built bikes out there, followed by Honda. the other Japanese bikes are great too! Harley's are junk!


Yes Yamaha bikes was best-designed bikes and good performance - shivareddy2293

Best bike I've ever seen. People here use it to transport milk gallons.

Yes yamaha is the best and beast I love yamaha all products I have yamaha's two bikes really awesome performance and reliability and build quality

It's the best bike brand I have ever had Yamaha's bikes possess an abject harmony with it's rider. great spirit yes Yamaha.

Yamaha is best at delivering after sales support along with giving best vehicles. They're easily accessible and customers can contact them for and complains.

Best bike, I have Yamaha 80 eighty 2015,1300 run real Super good, they don't believe it's real fast when I go with motorcade with Harley on the way to KEY WEST

Yamaha I hope that you wil make new new bike with more horse power.

Best company which produces a best range of bikes.

Yamaha has the best "mature" look, of all the brands.

Yamaha motorcycles is the best.. Especially when it comes on handling

I like a lot Yamaha bikes look. They design the bike so well. Compared to other bikes, Yamaha is very good looking bikes.

Compared to the others yamaha especially concentrates on smoothness of engine always

Best performance and it lasts long. Good engine and best designs