Greatest Motörhead Albums


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1 Ace of Spades

Amazing album! The song ace of spades is the most recognizable song in metal and rock, maybe even music!

The Best album! All songs are great!

That's the way I like it baby I don't wanna live forever - Disturbedpotato

2 Orgasmatron

Orgasmatron is the best motorhead album by far. Not a bad song on here.

3 Overkill
4 1916
5 Iron Fist
6 Motorizer
7 Bomber
8 Bastards

Born to raise hell

9 Kiss of Death
10 Another Perfect Day

This album should be lower, no fast eddie, no campbell, no motorhead!

This album should be in 2cond place with overkill... Not 9th

The Contenders

11 March Or Die
12 Rock 'N' Roll
13 Sacrifice
14 Overnight Sensation

15? One of the best Motörhead albums! All is perfect! - Telecast311

15 No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
16 The World Is Yours
17 Hammered
18 We Are Motorhead
19 Snake Bite Love
20 Motorhead
21 On Parole
22 No Remorse
23 Inferno

As much as I love early classics like Ace of Spades and Overkill, this is my favorite album by Motorhead. Simply a great batch of songs--Lemmy seems to have put a little extra effort into his songwriting on this one, or was just extra-inspired. Metal, punk, blues, rock n roll--it's all here!

24 Better Motörhead than Dead: Live at Hammersmith
25 What's Words Worth?
26 Aftershock
27 Bad Magic

I liked it better than a majority of there albums honestly.

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Top Remixes

1. No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
2. Overkill
3. Ace of Spades
1. Ace of Spades
2. Orgasmatron
3. Bomber
1. Ace of Spades
2. Orgasmatron
3. Overkill


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