Top Ten Best Mountain Dew Flavors

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21 Kickstart Orange Citrus V 1 Comment
22 Dark Berry

Dark berry is the best ever! It's like black and blueberries mixed!

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23 Kickstart Limeade

This mountain dew flavor has the taste of regular but the punch of monster, I say this is in my top 5

I had this drink I want to have the best sex of my life with it it a lemonade flavor

Not best Mountain Dew, but best kickstart by long mile

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24 Blue Shock
25 Game Fuel Mango Heat

This deserves to be number one because no other dew delivers such a tantalizing kick

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26 Distortion

My favorite Dew flavor they ever had

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27 Kickstart Watermelon

Is the best vro

28 Game Fuel Tropical

While I don't quite remember the taste, it was great! - mtndewlord

Why can't I have more of this?

29 Arctic Burst

its so deliciously superb

30 DEWshine

Tastes fairly good. Has a similar taste to regular Mtn Dew, but is watered down (in a good way. ) A very refreshing taste. Also, it's nice that it comes in a glass bottle.

Best ever... I got a 4 pack every day in the summer its amazing

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31 Kryptonitwe
32 Black Label

This is the best soda ever! Unfortunately it is only available in a select few stores as of right now. Also it has a lot of sugar.

Luckily they sell this at my school. It's good asf but I also tried White Label and that one beats this. - Mcgillacuddy

33 Strawberry Kiwi Kickstart

Strawberry kiwi beats all but it is ALWAYS sold out. I can never find it on the shelves

34 DEW.S.A.

The three best mountain dew flavors combined to make the best drink ever!

Best drink ever! and has lower sugar than any other dew it in stores

35 Mountain Dew Black Label

I got to try it on a college campus. It is much different than any other mountain dew I have tried before.

Please vote this drink top one want owned this in stores not in gas places for you who with me put this number one thank you

Best mountain dew I have ever had.


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36 Green Label
37 Pitch Black II: Back With A Sour Bite

I think the sour pitch black was the best. Keeps you wanting more.

The only sequel to a mountain dew flavor.

38 Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade
39 Diet Ultraviolet
40 Ultraviolet

This taste like the color purple to bad they only made this in diet because it would have been much popular and probably would have been a permanent flavor if it were just regular

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