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41 Gandalf vs. Balrog - The Lord of the Rings

I'm kinda surprised how no one really talks about letting Gandalf die in the live action fellowship of the ring. I mean, when he's holding onto the cliff, why is everybody just looking at him? They still have time to save him. Frodo does but Boromir holds onto him while he still has the chance. I guess you could Say that the Orcs are firing at him, but they would still have time to go forward and grab gandalf.

In the book, as well as the 1978 animated movie, when Gandalf is facing the Balrog, and has broke the bridge causing the balrog to fall, the balrog uses it's whip to drag him down with him, causing gandalf to shout "fly, you fools! " as he plunges to his death.

In the 2001 live action movie, he hangs onto the cliff, most likely to make the line (fly you fools) more dramatic.

I just love this scene so much! It looks like something out of a fantasy painting.

Awesome battle scene. it looks like Gandalf is fighting Satan.

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42 Lord Shen vs Kung Fu Council - Kung Fu Panda

I want him to come back for part 3!

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43 Helen Tasker vs. Juno Skinner - True Lies

Hot action, especially beautiful Tia.

44 Barney Ross vs. Paine - The Expendables
45 Battle of Geonosis - Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
46 Alice vs. Nemesis - Resident Evil: Apocalypse
47 Batman vs. Catwoman - Batman Returns
48 Lori vs. Melina - Total Recall
49 Channel 4 News Team vs. Other News teams - Anchorman

"Brick! Where did you get that grenade? " "I don't know! " - LaurenLauren

50 Nada vs Armitage - They Live
51 Batman vs. Superman (Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice) V 1 Comment
52 Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion - Mortal Kombat

Begin fighter is force, Johny is run to scorpion magi and scorpion teleport to place is fire room, Scorpion down mask, is skull push up fire, the Johny is big heart and back to power Scorpion and Johny Cage wins.

53 007 vs 006 - GoldenEye 007

Sean Bean dies 3 times in this one

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54 Manners maketh man - Kingsman: The Secret Service
55 Yu Shu Lien vs. Jen Yu - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This one is just incredible! A treasured piece of choreography through the years! This is the scene that has always inspired my imagination for oriental martial arts choreography. - micks

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56 Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Big fight to god fighting boy Liu Kang, big hair Asia master, and descendiant to Kung Lao, many years back to big fighter. Liu Kang opponent is Emperior Shao Kahn. Old sorcer and king to upworld. Liu Kang is excheng to DRAGON, and cold blood kill to emperior Shao Kahn. Winner is Liu Kang.

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57 Judge Hershey vs. Ilsa - Judge Dredd
58 Robocop vs. Cain - Robocop 2
59 Jimmy Kilmartin vs. Little Junior Brown - Kiss of Death
60 Rocky vs Ivan Drago - Rocky IV
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