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21 Psychological Thriller Psychological Thriller
22 History
23 Science Fantasy
24 Shorts

There just good but not the best. - Dang

25 Film Noir
26 Superhero

This genre is awesome defined. You take ordinary people or aliens and grant them powers. People have to choose between good and evil. Good superheroes show what it takes to be heroic. Even if you have no powers like Hawkeye, you can still make a difference to the planet. It shows that good can triumph over evil since good gives hope, while bad gives doom. So this genre should be in the top 10.

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27 Character-Study
28 Biography
29 Gangster V 1 Comment
30 Coming of Age

My favorite movie "Stand By Me (1986)" is in this category, but I still have to vote for Horror. - GaretTheCarrot

31 Tragedy

Think about it... the Titanic is about the most popular film I know, everybody knows it. The Titanic is tragedy, so how can it be ranked so low?

32 Dark Fantasy
33 Holiday

Is a great way to feel happy and loved

34 Tech Noir
35 Erotic
36 Spaghetti Western
37 Cyberpunk
38 Chick Flick
39 Neo-noir

Come on Sincity! Blade Runner! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! They're classics. Neo Noir is slick, cool and stylish

40 Sports

Ok, so technically it's not an official movie genre. But still, millions of sports fans all over the world would love to see more of these. A cross between action and modern life, they show the stories, struggles, and shining moments of all great sports pros. Sports movies open up a wide variety of categories: tennis, baseball, basketball, football, hockey (MIRACLE), boxing/wrestling (ROCKY, REAL STEEL, THE CHAMP, ETC. ), and all others. So next time you have a choice between sports and cheesy, boring musicals, choose sports: not just for you, but for all humanity.

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