Best Movie Ratings of all Time

The Top Ten Best Movie Ratings of all Time

1 R

Let's see some of the movies that are rated r:
1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Pulp Fiction
3. The Green Mile
4. Terminator 2
5. Saving Private Ryan
6. Reservoir Dogs
7. Se7en
8. The Usual Suspects
9. Platoon
10. The Godfather
11. The Godfather Part II
12. Goodfellas
13. Schindler's List
14. Fight Club
15. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
16. The Matrix
17. The Silence of the Lambs
18. Leon: The Professional
19. American History X
20. Psycho
21. Apocalypse Now
22. Memento
23. Alien
24. Aliens
25. The Shining
26. Djano Unchained
27. Taxi Driver
28. Gladiator
29. Full Metal Jacket
30.L.A. confidential
There's 30 of the best rated r movies. I would like to see another rating have those types of movies

This is the best rating... and so many movies with this rating such as Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Kiss of Death, Pulp Fiction, Ransom, etc.

When a movie has this rating, it is free to do almost anything, yet still be advertised, unlike NC-17 or X movies. - booklover1

I can't wait til I'm 16 so I can this I watch pg-13 movies but I think movies like the punisher are better

2 PG-13

Sometimes rated "R" movies are great, a lot of the best movies are rated "R", but there's more "PG-13" movies that I'd rather see than "R" rated ones. For example, ALL the superhero movies, warrior, Cinderella man, Oceans series, Shanghai noon, casino royale, the other guys, Sherlock Holmes etc.

These are the funnest movies to watch and the most exciting. Also their are bad enough to be interesting, but not so bad that you wonder whats in it before you go see it.

Definitely the best rating. As stated, it makes a movie popular. Most great movies are "PG-13", because they have lines that they don't cross, yet they make a terrific movie.

PG movies can't have awesome explosions or epic stuff this is the best unlike G it's not too boring and unlike R it doesn't have naked people - simpsondude

3 PG

I don't know why but this has best movies come on do you like home alone charlie and the chocolate factory cassablanca well its rated pg so its the best - simpsondude

4 G

This rating has basically been wiped from existence, now PG movies are practically G movies

5 NC-17

A movie basically needs to be incredibly violent or sexual to get this rating. And who does not like incredible violence or sex? - Extractinator04

A rating harsher than the R rating.

Showgirls has this rating. It has a lot of nudity, sex, and rape.

6 X
7 14A
8 18A
9 MA 15+
10 RC

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11 NR
12 R18+
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