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61 Maleficent - Aurora's Christening
62 Freddy Got Fingered - HE'S A CHIIIIIILD MOLESTER!!!
63 Seven Samurai - Kikuchiyo's Speech

While training his men to fight the bandits, wannabe samurai Kikuchiyo notices that one of the peasants is not holding a bamboo stick, but an actual spear. He interrogates him and finds dozens of pieces of samurai armor at Manzo's house, revealing that the farmers had either killed samurai or stripped fallen ones. The other samurai are shocked, and Kyuzo confesses that he'd like to kill every farmer in the village.
Eyes brimming with angry tears, Kikuchiyo unleashes a furious tirade towards the farmers for being cowardly vultures, and then attacks the samurai just as brutally for being bullies who sack villages, enslave the men, take the women, and kill them if they resist.
As Kikuchiyo collapses into a furious raging wreck, a guilty Kambei's suspicions are confirmed.

This scene is a remarkable turning point for Kikuchiyo and helps to draw the farmers and samurai closer together and understand one another.

64 Ear Cutting Scene - Reservoir Dogs
65 The 40-year-old Virgin - You Know How I Know You're Gay?
66 Titanic - When Jack Is Teaching Rose to Fly In Front of the Titanic V 1 Comment
67 Forrest Visits Jenny's Tombstone - Forrest Gump
68 Raiders of the Lost Ark - Boulder
69 Gangs of New York - Gang Fight
70 300 - This is Sparta!
71 A Clockwork Orange - I Was Cured Alright

Best ending to one of the most brilliant films ever to hit screens

72 The Silence of the Lambs - Hannibal Lecter's Escape From Prison
73 Braveheart - Battle of Stirling
74 Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Mjolnir Lifting Attempt

So funny, the Ultron robot introduction scene after was so cool and creepy

75 Metropolis - Flooding The Town
76 The Mask - Balloon Animals

Great scene where the mask blows balloon animals for the street thugs and then blows a balloon tommy gun which comes to life and scare them away.

77 Bad Boys 2 - Gunfight and Car Chase Near the Miami Highway

Love the whole movie, b

ut that scene was sick with it. I felt like I was in the chase also

78 The Terminator - I'll Be Back
79 Scream - Casey's Phone Call
80 The Lone Ranger - Train Chase
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