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121 The Fury - Final Scene
122 The Exorcist - Regan mutilates herself with crucifix
123 Carrie - Carrie Wreaks Havoc at Prom
124 The Last Airbender - Earth Benders vs Fire Benders: The Pebble Dance
125 Frozen - Olaf Meets Anna
126 The Shining - Jack Drinks With Bartender Lloyd
127 Apocalypse Now - "The Horror"
128 Inglourious Basterds - Colonel Landau's Terms of Surrender
129 Godzilla (2014) - The Kiss of Death

Whole theater applauded at this scene

130 True Romance - The Sicilian Scene

Dennis Hopper came up with the word eggplant on the spot! Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken are the two main actors in the scene and it is genius. - soulcougher

131 Addams Family Values - Guillotine Assassination Attempt

Jelous of the new arrival Pubert, Wednesday and Pugsley attempt to kill Pubert off. One of the attempts is to re-enact the execution of Marie Antoinette with a working guillotine.

132 Good Will Hunting - It's Not Your Fault
133 The Full Monty - Final Scene
134 The Dark Knight - I Kill the Bus Driver
135 The Dark Knight - Final Scene
136 World War Z - Plane Scene
137 The Return Of Emmet - The Lego Movie
138 The Death of Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
139 Zilla's Death - Godzilla (1998)

Although it's EXTREMELY sad, this scene was amazing.

140 Simba and Scar fight - The Lion King
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