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141 Good Will Hunting - It's Not Your Fault
142 The Full Monty - Final Scene
143 The Dark Knight - I Kill the Bus Driver
144 The Dark Knight - Final Scene
145 World War Z - Plane Scene
146 The Return Of Emmet - The Lego Movie
147 The Death of Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
148 Zilla's Death - Godzilla (1998)

Although it's EXTREMELY sad, this scene was amazing.

149 Simba and Scar fight - The Lion King
150 Birth of the Sandman - Spider-Man 3
151 Look at me! - The Dark Knight
152 Luke Hobbs hitting the Rock Bottom on Deckard Shaw - Furious 7
153 The Good,The Bad and The Ugly - The Trio

This is the best movie scene of all time and it isn't even included in this list! People who visit this site are idiots when it comes to movies, because this should be #1 not 123

As I've mentioned before, we're worried about Tuco and we're not sure he's going to make it.

154 Welcome to Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park
155 Jack Sparrow's Entrance on the Sinking Dinghy - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Forget his palm tree escape. On Stranger Tides was crap. In this scene, however, we first see Johnny Depp's iconic Captain Jack Sparrow as he makes an unforgettable entrance that goes from to majestic to laughable to still quite impressive.

156 Super Size Me - Morgan Vomits While Eating a Super Sized Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal
157 Big Hero 6 - Baymax's First Flight
158 Big Hero 6 - Police Station/Baymax's Low Battery
159 The Incredibles - Honey, Where's My Supersuit?

I am your wife. I am the greatest good you are EVER gonna get.

160 NYPD vs Mercenaries - The Dark Knight Rises

It's the best movie scene ever recorded! Watch it and you'll see!

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