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21 Michael Giacchino

HOLY COW 32, I WAS EXPECTING LIKE 7TH OR SOMETHING IN THE TOP TEN, his soundtracks or just iconic and moving and wonderful, this was music that absolutely moved me, I mean opening of UP was perfect, it was so empowering that the music brought me to tears, Ratatoullie was absolutely great too, if you guys don't know him, some serious research has to be done, his works within children films with Pixar could make a grown man cry, he is absolutely incredible (mind the pun) and I've even seen him placing 4th on other lists

Prediction: this guy will be the next John Williams. He's already done Jurassic World and now Rogue One. Though I don't like to think about it, John Williams is pretty old, and Giacchino will do amazing once he's gone, though I hope that will not be anytime soon.

He has created some of the best scores of all time: The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Inside Out. Giacchino can just perfectly capture every moment of a film in a piece of music. His soundtracks are absolutely wonderful.

He puts more emotions into his work than the others.

22 Tyler Bates
23 Joe Hisaishi

22!? This is outrageous, I wasn't expecting him to be in top 5 in all honesty or even the top 10 for that matter, but top 15 at least, I had to go searching for him on this god damn list, they still got it right with Williams, Zimmer and Elfman at the top, but someone who has worked on films for Studio Ghibli that can be just as iconic as Star Wars or Harry Potter isn't even in the top 15!? SHAME!

He composed music for Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, etc. I'd say he's right up there with John Williams even.

He produces music that pulls at all of your emotions at once. He has a gift and that should be respected by putting him at the top of the list. Do it now.

His music is amazing, and not just for Studio Ghibli movies.

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24 Max Steiner

He was the "Father of Film Music" and he composed the music of Gone With the Wind in one only month. - tudorcfr90

25 Harry Gregson-Williams

Sure he wasn't as iconic as John Williams but god damn I was hoping for top 20 at least, come on guys pick up your game, I thought the music for Shrek was probably one of the most memorial movies of my childhood, and yeah Narnia wasn't just awesome it was SPECTACULARLY in the moment perfectly timed scores.

Shrek, Enemy of the State, The Chronicles of Narnia, Total Recall, Unstoppable and more. This guy's awesome, definitely up there.

How was Harry Gregson-Williams not on this list? There is a certain magical quality in his scores for the Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia films.

NARNIA! The soundtrack made the movie pretty good. - NymeriaWaters

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26 A.R. Rahman

He is the perfect example for how a musician have to be. You cannot ask John Williams or Morricone to compose an eastern piece, or African, etc. But in his hands every style of music is safe. From Jazz to Reggae, From Rock to Bollywod, Fom western classical to Indian Classical or Chinese... He has proved it over the times... - nikhiledakkott

The only reason he is not in the top ten is because he is indian and he is muslim. He is the music Maestro. Just listen to "Ellapughazum", "Jai Ho", "New York Nagarum"

He is simply the best. just listen "bombay theme", Dil se, Lagaan theme, the spirit of rangeela, hai rama from rangeela, to name a few. most reserved celebrity of India. and hello don't forget to listen Roja-The Rose.

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27 Elmer Bernstein

Are You Having A Laugh. You All Clearly Have Some Big Alarming Gaps In Your Education. Bernstein's Work Is Beyond Beautiful. He Deserves To Be Up There With Morricone, William, Zimmer And Goldsmith. I Mean come on. Does "The Magnificent Seven" Not Ring Any Bells. The First Proper Composer Of The Silver Age. He Invented And Started A Trend Williams, Morricone, Goldsmith And Majority Of Current Composers Still Use Til' This Very Day

28 Alan Menkin

He composed the best Disney musicals.

29 Angelo Badalamenti
30 Giorgio Moroder
31 Miklos Rozsa

Not only is het the "Father" of the rest of the list, the others all point to him for inspiration.

Is there a soundtrack that can compare with "El Cid". No, no and no! the absolute best.

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32 Brian Tyler

Thor 2 and Iron Man 3

33 Henry Mancini

He composed the scores for the Pink Panther films of the 60s-70s, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wait Until Dark, Charade, the Days of Wine and Roses, and Victor Victoria

34 Ilayaraja V 3 Comments
35 Alfred Newman
36 Mel Brooks
37 Masaru Sato
38 Fumio Hayasaka
39 Steve Jablonsky

31? Surely he should be higher! He has the most beautiful music I have ever listened to. He composed for all the transformer movies, as well as others like Battleship, and Ninja Turtles. I love his work.

"Autobots", "Arrival to Heart" and "My Name is Lincoln" make him great!

40 Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Korngold literally invented the 'Hollywood' sound. Even though he wasn't the most prolific of film composers, he easily is the giant that all other film composers stand upon. Also, his film music has the rare ability to work outside of the concert hall WITHOUT any sort of editing, unlike most all film composers other than John Williams (like Star Wars? Look up King's Row by Korngold; you'll notice something vaguely similar).

Korngold wrote with integrity, worked very hard and had an outstanding natural ability. It is seriously sad to see someone like Zimmer so high up - he barely does anything compared to the rest of the team that works for him and his ideas are vacuous. Studios - please, please give more liberty to the composer and allow this artform to mature from the cheap formulae which presently choke it

It was once said of Korngold that had he not gone into film composition he would be wildly considered today as one of the greatest composers of his time. Listen to the soundtrack of The Adventures of Robin Hood. It is phenomenal!

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