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21 Never Talk to Strangers (Antonio Banderas & Rebecca De Mornay)

Sex, stranger danger, what else could you need to turn yourself on? Antonio Banderas is dark and dangerous and sexy as hell.

22 Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. & Leslie Bibb)
23 Crank (Jason Statham and Amy Smart)

Should be no one the rest don't cut it

24 The Dark Knight Rises (Christian Bale & Marion Cotillard)
25 Black Swan (Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis)

A little surprised that this one hasn't been mentioned yet. Never seen a movie scene as sexy as Mila and Natalie's. Not just their sexiness but the placement in the movie and the fact that it was all imagined.

Oh my god, yes. So hot. I still think about it. Love to be in the middle of that. Love them both. Candice

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26 Fatal Attraction (Michael Douglas & Glenn Close)
27 American Pie (Chris Klein & Mena Suvari)
28 The Lucky One (Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling)
29 Fair Game (William Baldwin & Cindy Crawford)
30 Original Sin (Antonio Banderas & Angelina Jolie)

I have the unrated version... I'm tellin u.. that was no fake sex scene. it was real.

This scene is really hot but that was no real sex, but how they are acting is incredible.

Real sex, which separates it to other sex scenes.

Oh how I wish I was Antonio... or Brad Pitt

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31 The Thomas Crown Affair (Pierce Brosnan & Rene Russo)

This one deserves the first Spot.

The chemistry between them was off the charts and Pierce Brosnan being sexiest man of all time made the love scene in this film even hotter. - Szonana

32 Team America: World Police (Gary Johnston and Lisa)
33 Anchorman (Will Ferrell & Christina Applegate)
34 The Quick and the Dead (Russell Crowe & Sharon Stone)

Russell crowd is earthy and sect.

35 Goldeneye (Pierce Brosnan and Famke Janssen) V 1 Comment
36 300: Rise of an Empire (Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton)
37 Hot Shots! (Charlie Sheen & Valeria Golino)

I love the part when Sheen pops an olive out of Golino's belly button to her mouth. Then Charlie Sheen cooks an egg and two strips of bacon onto her "hot" stomach.

38 Friends With Benefits (Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake)
39 Showgirls (Kyle MacLachlan & Elizabeth Berkley)
40 Solaris (George Clooney & Natascha McElhone)
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