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241 The Bodyguard

This is the best selling soundtrack of all time for a reason..

It's the best... Why is it at 26?

242 Mortal Kombat

I don't care if this movie sucks, this theme is fantastic! Mortal Kombat by the Immortals just gives you that energy and feeling of wanting to punch something. it's also great music to dance to.

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243 Alien (Jerry Goldsmith)

The Tracks Are Beautiful - VideoGamefan5

244 Performance (Jack Nitzsche)
245 Thief (Tangerine Dream)
246 Batman (Prince)
247 Twilight (Carter Burwell)

No, this should not be number 22. Should be a lot lower. - Spongebob-129

The teenage girls strike again! - Spongebob-129

248 Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead's Man Chest (Zimmer, Badelt)
249 Alexander (Vangelis)
250 (500) Days of Summer

Wonderful soundtrack! Fits perfectly to the whole film and makes you feel happy and sad at the same time. Simply love it.

251 First Blood (Jerry Goldsmith)
252 Finding Neverland (Jan A. P. Kaczmarek)
253 Assault on Precinct 13 (John Carpenter)

This song is timeless... Give it a try and tell me. It will motivate you to watch the original flick.

This is one of the best of all Carpenter's scores

254 Escape From L.A. (John Carpenter/Alan Howarth)

Listen to this and not only will you feel that you are Snake Plissken himself. This should be second just after the mortal kombat soundtrack

255 Kill Bill Vol. 1

Should be FIRST!, what is going on with you guys?!

256 Hanna (The Chemical Brothers)
257 The Blues Brothers
258 Watchmen (Tyler Bates)
259 Blade
260 Blade 2
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