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301 The Wild Bunch (Jerry Fielding)
302 Apocalypse Now
303 A Clockwork Orange (Walter Carlos)

Wendy Carlos has only composed like three movies in her life. those three movies are A Clockwork Orange, The Shinning, and Tron.

In my opinion, the music playing in the opening where Alex sits with his droogs in the milk bar easily describes a sense of all the negative aspects of society. where people are ruthless, greedy, murderous, and ungreatful.

304 Obsession (Bernard Herrmann)
305 FM
306 Harold and Maude (Cat Stevens)
307 Saving Private Ryan (John Williams)
308 The Insider
309 Risky Business
310 Hannah Montana: The Movie
311 The Great Gatsby

Just listen to Over The Love!

312 The Polar Express (Alan Silvestri)
313 The Wolverine (Marco Beltrami)
314 Duel of The Fates - John Williams

It's kinda odd how they use straight-up gibberish that sounds like some sort of dead language for the Choir.

315 The Parallax View (Michael Small)
316 Ink (Jamin Winans)

Great soundtrack. It goes perfect with the movie.

317 Predator (Alan Silvestri)
318 Coraline (Bruno Coulais)
319 Raging Bull

In my top 3 most beautiful pieces of music and simply forgotten on your list...

320 Tears of the Sun (Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer)
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