Best Movie Themes of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Star Wars

The most iconic instrumental score of all time - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate


2 Lord of the Rings

I especially like the Shire segment, because it's so relaxing and harks back to a simpler time - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

Aww, come on! This theme is worth much more! Sure, terminator 2's theme is good, but I still think that this ones got a superb ring to it. Hats off to Howard shore!

3 Raiders of the Lost Ark

People who like the Superman theme will also like this one - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

4 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Yo ecstacy of gold will just stun you at the moment you will hear it its just the best theme ever

Thrilling, exciting, intense, distinctive, original Great

5 House of Flying Daggers

And Jackie Evancho's rendition from her Dream With Me CD and Dream With Me In Concert DVD will leave you breathless.. seriously, if you have never seen it, do yourself a favour, just Google "evancho lovers" for a YouTube version.. then go buy her CDs and DVDs.. and go see her in concert.. you'll be glad you did.. she is that good..

"Lovers" is the title of this mystical song of love lost by Shigeru Umebayashi. It was originally performed by Kathleen Battle.

Jackie Evancho's version from her PBS Great Peformances "Dream With Me - In Concert" is compelling. Traditional Chinese instruments: Zheng (zither), Erhu (two-string fiddle), Dizi (bamboo flute), and Japanese Taiko (drums) group, plus full orchestra are incorporated in this great arrangement

6 Pirates of the Caribbean

A staple for any band class - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

7 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

It has a charming magic to it - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

8 Rocky IV
9 Chariots of Fire
10 James Bond

Holds record for the most frequently recurring movie theme - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

The Newcomers

? Marvel's The Avengers

The most energetic and epic superhero theme of all time - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

The Contenders

11 Jaws


12 Rocky

How is this below Rocky IV?! - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

13 Superman

Should in top 4

The best superhero theme of all time. It has a whimsical sense of wonder, which perfectly matches Superman - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

14 The Dark Knight

It's chilling and exciting. Reminds me of war drums - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate


15 The Godfather
16 The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther 1963 film.

17 Back to the Future

No other theme makes you want to hum it so much - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

My very favorite movie... Or, no, it's in my top ten. But the score is my number 3. :D

Come on! Make this #1! - dureckl

18 Terminator 2: Judgement Day

the theme was self explanatory of thew cold barren emotionless terminators. this is the the best theme any robo based movie can have. hail schwarzenneger

19 Gladiator
20 Ghostbusters
21 Jurassic Park

This is the dopest theme

22 Requiem For a Dream

BEST SCORE EVER! - Iamchewbacca37

23 Spiderman

Come on danny elfman is the best and you chose lord of the rings...

24 Halloween
25 Batman

They even reused it for Batman the Animated Series - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

Best soundtrack ever

26 Up
27 Once Upon a Time in the West
28 Schindler's List
29 Friday the 13th
30 Gremlins

This just got a great feeling to it. This distant dark Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun. Not the best but very intresting

31 Vertigo
32 Magical Mystery Tour
33 Yellow Submarine
34 The Wizard of Oz
35 Twilight
36 The Dark Knight Rises
37 Psycho
38 Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
39 Peter Pan (2003)
40 A Hard Day's Night
41 Help!
42 Let It Be
43 Sherlock Holmes
44 Braveheart
45 How to Train Your Dragon
46 Alice In Wonderland
47 The Original Batman
48 E.T.,The Extra-Terrestrial
49 Toy Story
50 Man of Steel
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1. Lord of the Rings
2. Rocky IV
3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
1. Star Wars
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
3. Chariots of Fire
1. Gladiator
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Once Upon a Time in the West


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