Top Ten Best Movies of 1995


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1 Toy Story

I hate this movie so much! It's racist, demeaning, and incredibly annoying! Woody is a jerk, Buzz Lightyear is too self-centered, and all the other characters are stupid!

This title was the beginning of the great PC Animated movies - MatrixGuy

Love this movie indefinitely an amazing plot makes it extremely good

Why does everyone kiss this movie's butt? people need to boycott this movie.

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2 Braveheart

A Great story about William Wallace, Scotland's biggest hero and freedom with one of the best soundtracks ever made - MatrixGuy

Mel gibson movies are always great

3 Mortal Kombat

A great martial arts flick, awesome Fighting sequences with Liu Kang, Reptile, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Goro, Art and Sub Zero and of course Tsang Sung - roblist

Do not ever forget to put how good kitana was in that movie she was amazing and hot my favor

A fun Martial Arts/Fantasy flick that captures the tone and spirit of the games. - RyuKang1995

4 Seven

Even though he only shows up in the end, Kevin Spacey is absolutely incredible in this movie. - Bman23

5 Jumanji

A Great CGI adventure movie for that time - MatrixGuy

6 The Usual Suspects

Such an underrated film. The ending is the single greatest twist in cinema history.

7 Apollo 13

A touching drama about the failed Apollo mission with stars like Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise - MatrixGuy

8 GoldenEye
9 Copycat
10 Johnny Mnemonic

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11 12 Monkeys

Much Better Than The Net - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

12 The Net
13 Casino
14 Bad Boys

The best action - comedy of the year - MatrixGuy

15 Babe
16 Heat

An epic crime saga focusing on the lives of two men :Lt. Vincent Hanna played by Al Pacino and on a pro thief, Neil McCauley played by Robert De Niro - MatrixGuy

17 Die Hard with a Vengeance

I likes die hard

18 Dangerous Minds
19 The Quick And The Dead
20 Judge Dredd
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1. Braveheart
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1. Toy Story
2. Braveheart
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1. Toy Story
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