Top Ten Best Movies of 1997


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1 Titanic


Best movie ever I love it so so sooo much I love the soundtrack I love it all and its very sad but it is the best movie I can't wait until titanic 2 I'm so loving it

Pretty Much A Masterpiece - JPK

Obviously this is #1. I mean between the outstanding special effects, fantastic acting and amazing storyline, it's one of the greatest films of all time. Plus Leonardo DiCaprio...

2 Men In Black



An entertaining sci-fi comedy with aliens - MatrixGuy

Here comes the men in black

3 L.A. Confidential
4 Good Will Hunting

A great movie about a genius who realizes what is really important in life - MatrixGuy

5 The Lost World : Jurassic Park

This should be number 1 on this list in my opinion. It's an incredibly underrated sequel that deserves more love and attention. And NO its not Boring like everyone says it is, it's a fun flick. Although it's not without its faults, it's not the worst in the franchise like a lot of people say it is in my opinion. This is better than 3 and 4 which I think are okay movies. All in all, give this movie a watch. It has plenty of dinosaurs, in fact, more than in the first and third film, and good effects.

Most underrated movie of all time! Definitely better than number 3 and even surpasses the Titanic movie! One of the greatest movies of the 90's!

The second movie of the famous Jurassic Park - MatrixGuy

gun movie, still a classic even though it was hated by most critics! - roblist

6 The Fifth Element

Very Good!

7 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Funniest action movie series ever! It should be at least 3 on the list. The most badass super villain ever and the most badass agent too. Not to mention, a midget clone.

8 Boogie Nights
9 Jackie Brown

An enjoyable character drama...Tarantino's underrated masterpiece

10 Liar Liar

The Contenders

11 Hercules
12 The Ice Storm
13 Contact

So Underrated! This movies deserve be number 1! No other movie is in the same genre as this movie. Original masterpiece that hits me every time!

Spectacular movie about an alien contact - MatrixGuy

14 Princess Mononoke
15 The Full Monty

A British comedy satire about a group of unemployed men who decide that doing a strip show is the only way to earn big.

The final dance and the Hot Stuff post office scene were showstoppers.

L. A Confidential wished it could be as entertaining as The Full Monty. The latter is a sweet natured satire about a group of unempolyed Brits attempting to strike rich by performing a strip show to rival the Chip 'n' Dales

Mark Addy's finest hour.

16 Gattaca
17 Batman & Robin

Best batman movie ever I swore I'm not kidding

Oh my god this movie really kick ass, the actuation of schwazenegger is really better than ledger a performance, george cloney shows the real side of batman, chris o' donnel are the best example of robin and this weed than I smoking are very cool, I LOVE THE WEED

18 Chasing Amy
19 Alien: Resurrection

The fourth part of the famous Alien movies is a reminder of James Cameron's Aliens - MatrixGuy

20 Scream 2

Way better than Scream 3.

21 Starship Troopers

The movie is an action blockbuster with giant alien bugs. Wath can it be better? - MatrixGuy

22 As Good as It Gets

Batman And Robin above? Seriously, what class of weed smokes here?

23 Life Is Beautiful


This is awesome get it higher

This won some awards I think - Ajkloth

24 GoldenEye
25 Amistad
26 Air Force One

What the. This should be the 15th best movie of 1997

27 Lost Highway
28 Perfect Blue
29 Mimic
30 Home Alone 3

Not as good as the last 2 films, but still better than Home Alone 4.

31 Cop Land
32 Anastasia
33 The Game
34 Face/Off
35 Excess Baggage
36 Spawn
37 Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
38 Good Burger
39 Gridlock'd
40 I Know What You Did Last Summer
41 Disney's Flubber
42 Tomorrow Never Dies
43 Bean
44 Mouse Hunt
45 Fierce Creatures
46 Deconstructing Harry
47 Mrs. Brown
48 Dante's Peak
49 Inventing the Abbotts

A light-hearted story of two brothers courting three sisters.

50 Con Air

Spectacular action movie with Nicolas Cage in the main role - MatrixGuy

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