Best Movies of the 2000s


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201 Hollow Man
202 Whiteout
203 I, Robot
204 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
205 United 93
206 The Polar Express
207 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
208 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
209 Idiocracy
210 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
211 The Perfect Storm
212 The Ant Bully
213 Norbit
214 Cell 211
215 Requiem for a Dream

a superb reality movie about drugs - MatrixGuy

216 Ray
217 Frost/Nixon
218 Pan's Labyrinth

Sometimes, people shy away from movies in other languages. DON'T. This movie is in Spanish and is better than every film in english I've seen this year, except the nine films above. An incredibly heartbreaking film that made me so sad, I felt like a might throw up. A superior achievement in the art of film.

219 Juno

The funniest movie of the past decade. Line after line of hilarity delivered by its outstanding cast, which includes Ellen Page in one of the best performances of the decade. It is also very moving. The scene where Juno and Vanessa meet at the mall and Vanessa puts her ear to Juno stomach is a perfect mix of raw emotion and outstanding acting.

220 Once

This was another movie that was under the radar at first, and then became pretty popular. This isn't really a musical. More like a movie about two people who are brought together by music. And what good music, at that!

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