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21 Almost Famous
22 Monsters Inc.
23 Casino Royale

The first Daniel Craig Bond movie started very promising - MatrixGuy

24 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

a great piece of the Harry Potter movies - MatrixGuy

25 Shrek
26 The Pianist

A great movie about the fight of survival of a pianist in the 2nd world war - MatrixGuy

27 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
28 Memento V 1 Comment
29 Kill Bill - Volume One
30 Brokeback Mountain

This movie was very controversial. In two ways. The first way was in what is was about: Two gay men. And because of that many people called it the "gay cowboy movie", but it was so much more than that. It was a moving drama about forbidden love. The second way it was controversial was when it lost Best Picture to "Crash". I LOVE "Crash", but this deserved it.

V 1 Comment
31 Mulholland Drive

Amazing mind-blowing and weird, should be high up

32 Into the Wild
33 The Dark Night

Yeah. Probably some 9 year old comes up and types in "The Dark Night" not realizing A, that it's already on the list, and B, this child spelt Knight incorrect.

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34 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

This amazing film by acclaimed director Steven Spielberg was both misunderstood and underrated. It tells the heartbreaking story of a robot boy who wants only his mother's love and goes searching for the Blue Fairy (from Pinochio) to turn him into a real boy so he can get it. It is technical astonding and emotionaly upsetting.

can really feel love a robot?, watching Spielberg's masterpiece we will find the answer - MatrixGuy

35 Amelie
36 Spirited Away
37 Melancholie Der Engel
38 Moulin Rouge

Perhaps the most moving love story of the past decade. Also, perhaps the most beautiful. The cinematography is brilliant, using bright colors that add to its beauty. Nicole Kidman is heartbreaking as Satine, a very sick courtesan who falls for athe penniless writer Christian who is writing the play she is staring in. They have to hd their love away, however, because of the Duke. The Duke is financing the play in exchange for.. well.. Satine. If he finds out everything will be ruined. It is a moving, heartbreaking film.

39 Mystic River
40 Love Exposure
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