Best Movies of 2003

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1 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I feel like this top ten list was created just for this movie to be placed at number 1 - ponamis999

This movie is absolutely, 100%, amazing. Terrific action scenes, sturdy plot, great characters, and the battles are just unbelievably fantastic. This should be number 1 for as long as possible. My favorite movie of all time. Nothing can beat.

The movie with the 11 Academy Awards is the best from this decade, not only from this year - MatrixGuy

Best movie of all time

2 Finding Nemo

Breathtakingly Pasted and beautifully animated finding Nemo awards Pixar another Academy award For best animated feature

This has to be at least number 2 even my brother likes it and hi 25 years old - unstopman

Great movie to watch when you're sick - Ajkloth

Its amazing for kids and a 10

3 X2: X-Men United

Fantastic Flick!

This is the ‘empire strikes back’ of the trilogy

4 Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

The most enjoyable movie experience of 2003. A rollicking adventure. Pure movie magic. A classic!

This changed the movie world so much. - ICanSeeYou

push up

5 Kill Bill: Vol. 1


IT is not bloody nor gory - attarj

Best movie ever made!

6 Freaky Friday

Probably a remake of the 1976 classic of the same name. Had Jamie Lee Curtis from My Girl, True Lies and My Girl 2. OH NO! NOT ANOTHER FREAKY FRIDAY! Extremely cute film with Lindsay Lohan. - kristyrosepetal4

Like film is preety

7 School of Rock

Jack Black is a very funny guy. - RiffandMagenta

Greatest childhood film

Number one always

It ws great the kids wre really talented and jack black is so funny

8 Elf

The theme makes the movie better!


9 Holes

I loved the movie.. I was laughing so hard in my AB class that I lost my voice and went to detention.. Anyway my review.. (9/10) humor. (9.5/10. For the story. Finally (10/10 for the characters

10 Bruce Almighty

The Contenders

11 Looney Tunes: Back in Action
12 Hulk
13 The Matrix Reloaded

Number 20
Should At Least Be In The Top 15

14 Big Fish
15 Scary Movie 3

Greatest installment ever!

16 Lost in Translation

What is the plot

Very beautiful movie. full of scenes that make you smile also moments that makes you cry. I love the last part of it.

2003's best movie hands down. Great mix of postromantic themes, comic relief and pathos.

One of Bill Murray’s best in my opinion.

17 Wrong Turn
18 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
19 Mystic River
20 The Italian Job
21 The Room
22 Tears of the Sun

A realistic movie with the story of a rescue team in the leads of a doctor during civil war in Nigeria - MatrixGuy

23 Underworld
24 Oldboy
25 House of Sand and Fog
26 Kangaroo Jack
27 21 Grams
28 Rugrats Go Wild

That movie is funny

29 Daddy Day Care

Jesus Christ this should be number one

30 Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat
31 Monster
32 The Last Samurai
33 Tokyo Godfathers
34 Love Actually
35 Cheaper by the Dozen
36 Phone Booth
37 The Haunted Mansion
38 Thirteen
39 The Matrix Revolutions
40 The Lizzie McGuire Movie
41 Seabiscuit
42 Stuck on You
43 Matchstick Men
44 Old School
45 In America
46 Willard
47 Bad Boys II

Not only the best film of 2005 but one of the best of this century. - jkilpin

Not only the best film of 2003 but the best film of the 21st century! - jkilpin

48 How to Deal
49 Peter Pan
50 Cabin Fever
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