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21 Guardians of the Galaxy
22 Skyfall
23 Captain Phillips
24 Inside Out

People are trolling us so that we can get stressed that they thing 2011 version is better than the 2015 version

I know this movie gone yet but I got a good feeling about this movie

This is the 2015 Pixar movie. Not the 2011 action movie.

25 How to Train Your Dragon

One of my favorite movies ever, and in my opinion the best children's/animated movie ever created. The story is excellent, and it's much darker than your typical family movie. This is how they all should be, in my opinion. Plus Toothless is my favorite character ever.

26 Black Swan

A Brilliant piece o film making. Terrifying and thought provoking. - beasthound

27 The Fighter
28 The Social Network
29 Red Riding Hood

Very well directed Keeps you guessing till the end - garythesnail24

You need to fix this list. These movies are not the best in the world. your writing all the movies you saw a sugest watch more movies. I am surprise you didn't add the green lantern to the list. Because everybody loves Ryan Reynolds. But I love Bradley Cooper he is my favorite. I want tp see Red riding hood. But we just haven't went to the movies yet but we will. So... I want to see hangover. But my step dad won't let me watch anything over pg. And that just sucks - Stitch013

30 The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

HELL NO - jack2244

31 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A great film with little clever jokes and references sprinkled throughout it. - higgsboson2142

32 Kick-Ass
33 Ride Along
34 Whiplash
35 The Green Hornet

Comedy and action at its unbelievable best. - garythesnail24

36 The Master
37 Iron Man 3
38 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
39 The Martian
40 Captain America: The First Avenger
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