Top Ten Best Movies of 2012

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1 The Avengers The Avengers Product Image

This movie is absolutely amazing gold. The movie was breathtaking and gorgeous with lots of explosions, something The Dark Knight Rises wishes it would be. The 6 superheroes interacting was amusing and I loved that 1 moment when they stood together in the city, back to back, as a team. It is also one of the few movies to blend comedy and action. Take notes, 2009 version of Land of the Lost. The movie also made over 200 million in the U.S. box office weekend 1. OVER 200 MILLION! Loki wasn't as good as Bane, but oh boy, he had his goals on world domination. Truly evil, even if it's cliche. This film is better than Avatar, Titanic, and TDKR. The Avengers is so good that it's tie with Jaws for my favorite movie. Vote for The Avengers!

The only movies I haven't seen in the top 10 (as of the time I am posting this) are Life of Pi and The Dark Knight Rises. However, critics claimed Life of Pi to be like Avatar (which is the most overrated movie ever in my eyes), and The Dark Knight, well, I don't love Batman as much as any if the heroes in this movie, he isn't bad, but massively overrated, however I want to give that movie a shot. This movie though, it is one of my favorite movies EVER! And as a major horror buff, it is either this, or the original Scream movie, but since this isn't a horror movie, it MUST be better. Action, humor, acting, everything. Haven't seen it yet? Go see it now!

I simply loved the Avengers and cannot get enough of watching it, after seventeen times (and counting). Yes there were inconsistencies and some flops, but the story was superbly told. For me, the show was stolen by Bruce Banner, who was so incredibly loveable and cute without even saying much and I cannot even cope with how good Robert Downey Jr was in this one. Also, special props go to Jeremy Renner who did a sensationally manly and sexy Hawkeye. All over the internet people say Hawkeye is the crappiest superhero (because he has no superpower and all) but Jeremy totally did a great job with the part.

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. I saw it in the cinema and because I love ALL the other movies leading up to this and saw them all in cinemas I was literally counting the days down for a whole year! The action in the movie is amazing and the acting is breathtaking. The dialouge is witty and serious in a good way with the funny lines threw into there too. I think they chose the perfect actors for this perfect movie. When I went to see it this movie did not dissapoint at all. It had a perfect team of superheroes (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye) and the perfect villain to go with it (Loki)
Thumbs up for Avenger and everything about it!

2 The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises Product Image

The Dark Knight Rises gets 9/10 stars.

The Avengers gets 10+/10 stars.

The Hunger Games gets 9/10 stars.

Skyfall gets 9/10 stars.

Life of Pi gets 10/10 stars.

Ted gets 10/10 stars.

The Amazing Spider Man gets 9/10 stars.

Wrdck-It Ralph gets 9/10 stars. The only scene that I did not like was the beginning of the Game Central Station where you have to suffer Sonic the Hedgehog's annoying voice and speech and a second later, Princess Peach's cameo (that was actually Rosalina's cameo, not Princess Peach's! ).

The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey gets 10/10 stars.

Django Unchained gets 10+/10 stars.

I love how The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit, and pretty much all my favorite films of 2012 are up so high on this list. That being said, there is no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises really is the best one on the list. The best story on the big screen this past year, the best overall cast, the film that most lived up to my expectations, the best movie score of the year, the best... You name it! It was the best!

The Dark Knight Rises is the truly the best movie in the entire world. I counted down seeing this movie two months before it even came out. I have successfully completed watching it 46 times and still love it! I'm out of my mind obsessed. If I could only meet Christopher Nolan, god of all directors, it would be the best experience of my life, and I would thank him for making the greatest trilogy of all time.

Truly amazing breath taking experience that wraps up the epic trilogy the way it should end, the no doubt a must see motion picture that takes you far beyond the emotion, thrills, and suspense, the the Avengers, Hunger Games and any other "competition" Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is truly a remarkable masterpiece in the world of cinema.

3 Django Unchained Django Unchained Product Image

I can see why some people would vote movies like Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, and Hunger Games before this, as most of them have probably never seen or heard of this movie (or any of the better movies on this list for that matter. ) Now I'm not saying they were bad movies, but this has to be the most entertaining movie I have in a very long time. Quentin Tarantino is personally one of my favorite directors, and he dosen't disappoint with his new spaghetti western. Seriously, guys, go see this movie.

This seriously needs to take the no. 1 spot. It has all the elements a good movie should have. Great witty dialogue, some dark funny moments, great acting (especially from Christoph Waltz & Leo DiCaprio), a long well developed plot, a lot OF VIOLENCE, and that signature Tarantino finish. Unlike the avengers, it doesn't rely on huge explosions and stunts to be entertaining. Best of 2012 by FAR

In terms of pure entertainment, Django Unchained was more enjoyable than any movie in 2012. It has a few flaws as all movies do, but the great script, dark humour, amazing, brutal action scenes accompanied by awesome songs in true Tarantino fashion and awesome performances from jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Leonardo Dicaprio and especially Christophe Waltz,

My favourite movie of all time and this is coming from someone who has seen Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Forrest Gump, The Godfather, Dark Knight Trilogy, Fight Club... Nothing compares to Django Unchained, it has comedy, drama, romance, mystery, action. There is something for everyone.

4 The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Product Image

I've recently watched The Hunger Games and to be honest, I was amazed! The movie was so intense, every second of it. The characters were very well played and I couldn't believe why I didn't watch it earlier. I can't believe it, but it was unbelievable. I quickly fell in love with the characters. It was just wow.

I'm in the mood where all I think of is The Hunger Games, and sometimes I feel sad about fiction and I feel like I'm in The Hunger Games. My life revolves around it right now haha.

Oh ya, and Cato's cool.

Seriously? I cannot literally believe it's not at No. L! The best movie ever, it could only be possibly beaten by Catching Fire in November (at writing time it's April 2013) and the 2014 movie Divergent (if they do a good job on it). Batman? Really? That movie's top, but it doesn't deserve it. (I have seen Dark Knight Rises, I can't believe Skyfall didn't make it up to 2nd or 3rd either! ) Awful, what this world has become. Hunger Games forever, and keep loving it fellow fans!

This film is amazing, even though I knew what was coming as I'd already read the books it still had me on the edge of my seat, laughing, crying. It gives an insight to our own society and although some may pass it off as just some action movie, it really is a deep and moving experience as well as suspenseful and leaving the viewer fully satisfied. Extremely well done, one of my absolute favorites.

Ok. This NEEDS to be number 1. It was filmed so great, and was seriously one of the best movies I have ever watched. The book is still better, but the directors managed to capture the vital parts of Katniss' story. Now, when someone mentions the hunger games, we don't picture the dark haired girl in the book, but Jennifer Lawrence and every character in the movie. How can we not, it's just too memorable for 4th place!

5 Wreck It Ralph Wreck It Ralph Product Image

I liked this movie. The first time I watched it was with my friend at the movie theatre, and the movie was great. I am getting older (as in I'm almost a teenager) so it is kind of hard to find an animated movie, that isn't kidiesh ( not sure that's a word) I liked this movie because it doesn't deal with icky kissy and romantic stuff, (except with Felix) like most movies have now. Instead, this movie deals with a friendship, that went a long way, stuff that matters... Instead teens my age watch crappy movies, and end up getting pregnant at 13... This country is going down hill, society wise, economy, and lots more!

This movie is my all time favorite. So here's my Top 20 Favorite Movies:
20. Hunger Games 19. Jaws 18. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 17. Jurassic Park 16. Shriek 15. Ice Age 14. Ghostbusters 13. Friday the 13th Part IV 12. Raiders of the Lost Ark 11. Frozen 10. Terminator 2 Judgement Day 9. Iron Man 2 8. The Avengers 7. Tangled 6. Lego Movie 5. Star Wars 4. The Lion King 3. Back to the Future Trilogy 2. The Dark Knight Rises 1. WRECK-IT RALPH!

It is my favorite movie! I love the way the cast is like and the storyline is just amazing. I love Felix he's really cute. Ralph shows that even tough guys have feeling too how he cried during Felix's and Calhoun's wedding (sorry for the spoilers). I loved the sibling bond between Ralph and Vanellope just like a little sister and a big brother.

As always Disney had the best plots in every movie they have produced. Wrek-it ralph is another type of love story that not only little girls can enjoy, but the whole family. It's humor, graphics and screenplay are one of the factors that makes this movie part of the top 10 list.

6 Ted Ted Product Image

Seth macFarlane hasn't been a perfect guy though out his life, but making those one movie was a great call by him. Absolutely hilarious, never gets old even after the seventh viewing.

This movie was hilarious and it left you laughing. This is a movie that you really can't get bored watching. It should be much higher on the list than 7, it should at least be in the top 5.

I love this movie so much! This movie made me laugh the whole entire time I was watching this movie... You can watch is more than 10 times and you still will laugh I think Ted is awesome

Oh come on!, you can watch it for like 100 times and seriously never get bored
It at least deserves a top 10 spot... Ted rocks

7 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Product Image

I just really got into this movie. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and for the whole 5 hours of the movie I wondered what was going to happen next. I was on the edge of my seat. I was hoping Bilbo Baggins wouldn't get eaten by a dragon. I thought Bilbo was a brave little guy. And I think his cute little feet that are so hairy are just adorable. All around this is the #1 movie of 2012. I don't know how you can put a movie this good at #3. It has a story line and I cannot wait for the next 5 Hobbit movies. I hope they are as riveting as this one. I don't believe this list is accurate in saying it's #3. It's like saying cats actually have 9 lives. They don't. They have one life and also it can't rain cats and dogs; I found that out the hard way.

I agree with the first comment. This should totally be number 1! Great graphics, great actors, totally worth the 3 hours. I love how they keep you in suspense at the end, and how Bilbo's character changed. The movie was just wonderful, I didn't take my eyes off the screen for one second. All the actors were just great, it takes a lot of talent to do it. I haven't read the book so this was new, but oh my gosh, it was just so wonderful. Really, really great. And for those who haven't seen it and want a movie with action and suspense, I definitely recommend it. Can't wait for the next one!

It should be at the top of the list. Best movie of the year. Peter Jackson is a usual the most amazing fantasy director of all time. His imagination and brilliance makes you believe in middle earth. The visual effects and clarity of the movie should be give thumps up, he has brought a new way of making and presenting movie. It's background score is also stupendous, Howard Shore did a great job. Last but not the least, it's incredible cast makes this movie more better. Specially Martin Freeman, I believe he was one hell of a actor, just born to play The Hobbit.

Umm... This is better than all three LotR movies COMBINED. The HFR makes it all the more better (if that's even possible) and the directing in it was brilliant. Not to mention the casting... Peter Jackson chose a bunch of nobodies in acting who were completely unheard of and put them into starring roles (Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, just about every single Dwarf) and made them look amazing on screen. He took a huge risk, but ultimately made one of the greatest movies of all time, with two more movies to follow. Can't wait to see how he plays out the next two movies!

8 Skyfall Skyfall Product Image

The Hunger Games is an awful movie. The rest on this list are generic. This movie was actually pretty good but I only chose it cause Argo, nor Django Unchained was on the list. I still have a hard time believing how Hunger Games and the Avengers made it so far on here.

After "Quantum of Solace" which includes some very good acting performances, Skyfall is the best Bond movie after the both best Sean Connery movies, Goldfinger and Thunderball, and makes Daniel Craig the best Bond actor, after Sean Connery of course.

OK. I liked the movie and how it is set out. Does anyone know that Daniel Craig is a big fat diva? Sure he made this awesome movie but he thought that a hotel (I'm not sure which one) was just not good enough for him. The Queen of England stayed there overnight and she didn't complain. Still he is a good actor

Better than any other films. The Dark Knight Rises was very boring in the beginning. I've watched most of the movies in this list and they are all sucky. Once you watch a bit of it you just want to stop. Went to watch Batman with my friends and they all said it was sucky and it was $14.50.

9 Life of Pi Life of Pi Product Image

Why are all the crappy superhero movies in the top 10? The best movies of the year should be judged by their storyline, message, entertainment value, and effect it has on you. Life of pi is a spectacular movie with all of these attributes, I was speechless at the end of it. The only reason avengers and spiderman and the dark night are on here is because people only care about action and explosions when it comes to a movie, which I find stupid. What I hate most of all though is that Ted is on here. It's a crappy movie about sex and ruining your childhood. Get these movies off of here! Get movies like life of pi, Lincoln, silver linings, looper and beasts of the southern wild up here!

Its sad to see a superhero movie come out on top year after year, Life of Pi was an creative journey and it left me more inclined to act positively, in fact way more than any superhero movie ever would. This movie inspired me and really moved me. Another thing, I don't see how Argo didn't make it onto the top 10 list, I would rather watch an interesting and factual movie based on logical events as apposed to watching a illogical movie based off of its special effects and aesthetics. Generally I would rather watch a movie that left me feeling light and inspired instead of watching a movie such as superman that leaves me vaguely depressed and mildy amused.

It needed more credit than just what it got for the special effects, though parts from the book were cut out and new things put in, (this happens in every movie) this in my opinion is the elite of cinema and can't even be compared to films such as the Avengers, which in my opinion was disappointing, as it had the generic 'Let's blow up the city! ' ending.

I have learn a lot of things from this Movie. This is life changing experience. We learn how we should go ahead with so many difficulty and one day your way will be clear. Life is big we should enjoy it and we should learn the meaning of our life.

10 The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Product Image

Brilliant acting from Andrew Garfield- surpassed all my expectations. He perfected the role and absolutely NAILED Peter Parker's character. The film had the perfect balance of action, drama and romance. Also, the chemistry between Peter and Gwen is superb, it had me spill a few tears at the end... Very excited for the sequel and happy that Spider-man is back on the big screen- such a classic hero!

This movie was so Amazing. I loved every moment of it. The Amazing Spider man as amazing and well improved actors, amazing graphics, awesome costumes etc. I loved every moment of it, and I'm sure you will to. If you have never seen this movie, I recommend that you do. It may surprise you. But as far as I'm concerned. It is the best movie ever.

This movie was one of the few amazing reboots there are. I could connect with Peter & the action scenes were far more intense & meaningful then it's predecessing films action sequences were. The film gave us a darker view of Spider-Man & it worked out great. On top of that James Horner's beautiful score was incredible. Truly amazing film.

Well let me just say it was amazing. I have never liked super heros casting them off for years however after seeing it I have only one super hero I like and it is spiderman, it is a heart warming story and it is a fight with good and bad.

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11 Lincoln Lincoln Product Image

The fact that "Ted" and "The Not-So-Amazing Spiderman" are above this cinematic masterpiece is a travesty. The dialogue was perfect, the acting was on point, and the cinematograph was interesting. This is one for the books.

With an absolutely thrilling performance by Day-Lewis and spectacular direction from Spielberg, this film not only exceeds expectations, but it delivers an inspiring story that will please all.

Movies are not only about explosions, gunshots and superheroes. Inspiring movies like this one are hard to find these days. Direction and acting also helped this to make it's place in the list. A masterpiece of year 2012.

Wonderful and educational film about Abraham Lincoln! Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are all great! And, Daniel Day-Lewis IS Lincoln! One of Spielberg's best!

12 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street Product Image

Pure comedy gold, sometimes vulgar, but it's directed towards teens and college kids so you have to take that into account, Jonah hill, Channing tatum, ice cube are salubrious!

Surprisingly funny. I loved the fact that Channing and Jonah worked so well together. It wasn't too much and made for a good re-do.

A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

I watched this and Ted in one night. This was by far the funniest movie I have ever watched. On par with hot tub time machine

13 Les Miserables Les Miserables Product Image

This was, hands down, the most amazing movie I saw in 2012... And I saw a lot of movies! Les Mis was so beautiful, it made me cry with the tragedy and rawness of humanity that the storyline exposed. The acting was perfect, the graphics stunning and it was so well exicuted that I didn't even notice the singing! I can't believe it's ranked so low, it should be number one!

How is this not on the Top Ten? This was THE best movie of 2012. Watching it was an amazing experience, not to mention the tremendous amount of work it too to make it. Thumbs up to all the actors for singing live and sharing their talent without cheating through studio recordings or Autotune!

Les Miz could resurrect the musical genre. The scenery was gorgeous, the acting compelling, the music heart-wrenching, and my 12-year old daughter bawled her eyes out. You can't beat that. Get this masterpiece into the top 10--justice cries out for Les Miz!

This movie was amazing! It made me cry, and all the acting was so believable! It's inspirational because of the singing and acting. The casting was great, the acting was believable, and it was, to me, the best movie of 2012. I'm surprised it's not higher on this list.

14 Argo Argo Product Image

This can not be an accurate list if this is ranked so far down. Definitely the best movie of 2012 without a doubt. Once again Ben Affleck shows that he is one the best directors out there, This movies deserves to win an Oscar, I recommend watching this movie as it will not let you down.

Absolutely loved this movie. Top-notch acting, great black comedy, tense moments and a gripping, occasionally disturbing and shocking story make this an amazing film. I have no idea how it's only 61 when movies of lower quality are far higher up.

This can't be on best movies it should be on worst movies of 2012 because its not even a true story it's all made up they didn't even tell it right and how it won an academy award ill never ever know.

This movie is probably the only movie which kept my full attention...
I hope it did keep yours too... But I think I liked dark knight rises better... I only wanted to get this in the top ten...

15 Men In Black 3 Men In Black 3 Product Image

Men in black-Very good
Men in black 2-Kinda boring, less action, and too short
Men in black 3-AWESOME!

Yay! I love men in black! Men in black 3 is definitely a worthy addition to the MIB series!

Jermaine Clement is double funny as the young and old Brois the Animal.P. S; It's just Boris.

A lot of people
Think the name is racist. But anyways it was such a great movie should be in top ten

16 Brave Brave Product Image

Don't you feel Brave is the best mother daughter bonding film portrayed beautifully? It was touching on so many levels... Please watch.

Brave is should be in Top 20 at least! Brave is purely genius and different from another princess story. Vote!

I think that Brave is a really good film and I think it's the best on this list.

My daughter loves this movie. It inspires my little girl.

17 Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty Product Image

Zero Dark Thirty is a brilliantly crafted film. The entire cast are just perfect in their roles and the soundtrack is beautifully dark and eerie. Although we know how it ends, it keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. And the last 30 minutes of the film is one of the most intense and incredibly well-made sequence in a long time.

Should be much higher in the list, completely underrated!

Now how ridiculous is this? 0 dark 30 at 70? This is an epic movie...

18 Hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania Product Image

Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter.

I don't know why everyone hates it, I think it's a (mostly) funny movie, I loved the characters (except for Jonathan who got on my nerves sometimes, and the animation is awesome.

It's a movie not made for everyone, but I really loved it, my hopes for its sequel though are not high.

I loved this film. Simple movie yet Incredible comedy. Love it.

19 The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods Product Image

Hilarious yet horrifying, definitely deserves a higher spot. The plot is very original and the twists are great. The end was weird though, I have no idea who thought up of that.

FINALLY! A movie that actually makes fun of the basic concept of a horror movie. Great movie by the way. Very unique and in some way, very original.

Best movie ever, people think they already know what it is. Boy will you be surprised. I haven't seen a movie that good in a while.

The only reason to not vote for this is that you have not seen it. In which case, go and see it. Now.

20 Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook Product Image

In my opinnion, this is hands down the best movie of the year. A very touching story matched with powerful acting by Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert De Niro. I have seen this movie four times and yet it never ceases to amaze me. Truly a beautiful film.

I have watched this movie at least 20 times. I love it and could watch it even more! An amazing love story, it is also a dead-on portrayal of the trials and tribulations families experience when dealing with bipolar disorder.

There's something about watching dysfunctional people on screen that makes me feel so much more normal. I loved this movie from the opening to closing credits. Brilliant casting, sincere acting, and an engaging story.

This should be number one! I went to go see this movie twice in theaters and found it to be absolutely beautiful. It's a great story and has acting from all the actors. The best movie of the year in my opinion.

21 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Product Image

This movie is HILARIOUS. The expressions of the actors never get old. It was so good, I saw it 3 times while it was still in the theaters! This movie is worth gold!

Needs to be number 1 here! Sweetie is funny and it was also funny when Greg and Rowley were SCREAMING their lungs out when they were on the Cranium Shaker.

School is out and Greg is ready for the days of summer, when all his plans go wrong. What on earth is he going to do all summer?

Great movie! Hilarious & funny; suitable for all ages & recommend to anyone it's a must see and has a good rating out of 5... So many funny parts & some sad but turns out good:).

22 Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect Product Image

Aca-amazing movie! Great cast, particularly my favorite Actor, Skylar Astin, who also has the most amazing male singing voice I have ever heard! He added a specific charm to the movie with his unmatched likability and sincerity ending up with the best personality of any movie character ever! And Rebel Wilson, my second favorite actor, was undeniably hysterical! The jokes were hilarious and the music was amazing! The acting and singing are perfect! Everything about this movie is perfect! It's my favorite movie of all time and that's coming from someone who almost exclusively watches horror movies! It should be #1!

Best movie, EVER! I watched it like ten times every day and I never get tired of it! Just SUCH an awesome movie! Who would EVER dislike it? The singing is amazing and the movie is just so emotional and inspirational the whole time! Why isn't this #1? Come on A Capella peeps! Vote this to number one! (My favorites are Beca, Fat Amy, Chloe, and pretty much a lot of peeps! )

I really like Becca. She's such a talented girl. In the movie, I really enjoy listening to them singing altogether. One of my most unforgettable scene in this movie is when Becca used the cup as an instrument, it's really awesome.

I only saw Pitch Perfect the other day, and I LOVED it. It is a great movie for all ages. I fell in love with... Well everything! It is funny, very enjoyable and fantastic to sing along with! I love Beca, she's a great main character and a pretty good singer!

23 Looper Looper Product Image

Fantastic movie; action packed, great story line, and sorta realistic! I thought it was great from beginning to end, definitely deserves a top 5 spot. WAY better than Django.

JFK cements himself as a legitimate Hollywood leading actor in this movie. Should be top five for sure.

How is this not at least number 3!?!?! Underrated I would say.

Should be under top ten! At least!

24 Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom Product Image

Although a much smaller, more intimate film then say, Lincoln or Argo, of all the films I saw this year, this one was the most inventive, original and well executed I saw. Pretty close to a perfect film if not a particularly ambitious one.

So I was scrolling down looking, and I almost gave up on finding a movie I like a lot (except Hunger games) and then MOONRISE KINGDOM! I love this move so much. I've watched it like a million times! I can't BELIEVE this isn't NUMBER 1 (except for the hunger games) I mean really this movie is by FAR the best on this list (except Hunger games! ) I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

I think this movie is very fun and reminds me of myself when I was young and just wanting to grow up to fast! Then you turn in to Frances McDormand un happy with the one you married! Laugh out loud still a good movie!

So original! I loved it so so much! It was great, it shouldn't be 20 it should be in the top ten! It was so fun and it's realistic in a way, because kids today want to grow up so fast! Just like in this movie!

25 Chronicle Chronicle Product Image

Whilst attending a party, three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

One of my favorite movies of all time and that's saying something considering how new the movie is and how much of an impact it had on me.

It's great because when you really sit down and analyze it, it's more than just your typical sci-fi action movie, it's a dark tale of this kid (Andrew) a normal high schooler who has a life totally filled with grim and despair, and when he gets powers he uses them to try and better his own life, but life keeps throwing so much crap his way, from getting Steve killed to having his mother die and then he finally decides that he's had enough. It's really a movie about how far someone can be pushed before they reach their breaking point.

How is this not in the top 5?

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