The Dark Knight Rises


I love how The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit, and pretty much all my favorite films of 2012 are up so high on this list. That being said, there is no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises really is the best one on the list. The best story on the big screen this past year, the best overall cast, the film that most lived up to my expectations, the best movie score of the year, the best... You name it! It was the best!

Truly amazing breath taking experience that wraps up the epic trilogy the way it should end, the no doubt a must see motion picture that takes you far beyond the emotion, thrills, and suspense, the the Avengers, Hunger Games and any other "competition" Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is truly a remarkable masterpiece in the world of cinema.

The Dark Knight Rises is the truly the best movie in the entire world. I counted down seeing this movie two months before it even came out. I have successfully completed watching it 46 times and still love it! I'm out of my mind obsessed. If I could only meet Christopher Nolan, god of all directors, it would be the best experience of my life, and I would thank him for making the greatest trilogy of all time.

The Dark Knight Rises is the most awesome movie of 2012 without a doubt with such great actions and dramatic scenes, excellent twist and a villain you can never forget. In the Dark Knight Rises did the great bane shine and become a true threat to the batman universe and well as it had great acting by Tom Hardy and by Christian bale plus it had a great story :))

No doubt this is the best film of 2012, although not as good as the dark night. It has everything you need in an action film; suspense, drama, fight scenes and one hell of a script. And there is an all star line up with actors such as Christian bale, Michael cane, Morgan freeman and Tom hardy who I thought was awesome as bane the man who broke the bat.

I have met Christian Bale and he is an amazing person, We had a chat because there was no people stopping us, I'm fourteen and he was telling me how fun the film was to make. He also told me that Christopher Nolan (the director) was really understanding about everything and kept persevering. Nearly met Anne Hathaway but I got told to go by security...

The Dark Knight Rises gets 9/10 stars.

The Avengers gets 10+/10 stars.

The Hunger Games gets 9/10 stars.

Skyfall gets 9/10 stars.

Life of Pi gets 10/10 stars.

Ted gets 10/10 stars.

The Amazing Spider Man gets 9/10 stars.

Wrdck-It Ralph gets 9/10 stars. The only scene that I did not like was the beginning of the Game Central Station where you have to suffer Sonic the Hedgehog's annoying voice and speech and a second later, Princess Peach's cameo (that was actually Rosalina's cameo, not Princess Peach's! ).

The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey gets 10/10 stars.

Django Unchained gets 10+/10 stars.

As the hero struggles to his feet to challenge the masked man, only to be beaten down once more, Gotham's reckoning lifted the dark knight, dazed and badly beaten, before releasing the vigilante for his final crippling blow. This blow is not simply followed by a crack but also the the eruption of one's mind and its t as their hero lay the field of battle, crippled, beaten and Broken

Definitely the best movie of 2012. It had a great storyline the movie connected to batman begins and the dark knight the avengers was just a couple of guys going out just wanting to kick some ass. This movie shows the legend behind bruce Wayne and batman. Best of 2012

Yes, I LOVE The Avengers, however Christopher Nolan is the greatest Director in the world. The Avengers was incredible, but the third installment in The Dark Knight Trilogy was astounding. Sure it has a lot of plot holes, but the government tried nuking New York in The Avengers.

Easily better than any other superhero movies that released this year, especially better than the Avengers. What it lacked in comedy or overrated actors (Avengers) it brought forward a climatic end to the legendary trilogy, without relying on toy sales to boost the audience numbers (ahem, Avengers).

Christopher Nolan is simply a mastermind at making movies... Inception, memento and now THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. It is hands down not only the best movie of 2012 but probably the best superhero movie of all time. Seriously just watch the ending to this movie and you will see what I mean.

The acting is perfect, the story is perfect... Definitely one of the best movies of 2012, and definitely one of the best Batman movies, if you haven't watched this movie yet, go and watch it, afterwards you're gonna think: Where have I been all this time.

Bane is definitely my favorite part of The Dark Knight Rises. I didn't think Bane would succeed in matching the Joker as a awesome villain, but to me he proved to be a formidable and interesting character with enormous screen presence.

Honestly I think this movie is overrated mainly because of how good The Dark Knight was and this film just doesn't live up to it in my opinion. I think the best superhero movie of the year was definitely the Avengers and the best movie being Django Unchained. - Ross115

Great fights, great plot, great villain, a hero that somehow seems more... Real than just a comic book character & excellent execution of events. In a word: Awesome!

I agree with DKR being number 1, it was much more dramatic and action-packed than the Avengers.. The villains were good and had that feeling that they might have won.. Cause lets face it the ending of Avengers was pretty BORING! No fight at all!

Batman has been remade so many time but they seriously did it right this time it was dark the way it should be (it takes place in gotham after all) and of course it was awesome

This is a great movie. Great characters, soundtrack and story. Hollywood needs to produce more movies of this kind. Rather than random explosion movies with stupid one-liners like the avengers

I would say overall the Avengers reaches a broader crowd but if you like me are a batman fan in any way this was the best movie of the year. The acting was flawless and the directing was phenomenal. There's nothing to say at the end but WOW.

Why u guys voted avengers for 1st place? There's nothing but some costumes and imaginary actions...this the best movie of 2012 and one of the best movie of all time...don't forget it's Christopher Nolan, who made the film...if you have a deep thinking then you can watch this..

Any batman movie with Christoper Nolan is always best of the year. There's a ton of emotion packed into this movie that gets every viewer heavily entriqued in it. The action scenes were great, and it was awesome to see Batman actually be outmatched physically this time, instead of mentally with the joker. Great setting and great creativity in this film. - KennyG414

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! I have seen it like at least 10 times and I never got sick of it. Nolan is an amazing director and Bale, who is my favorite actor, did an amazing job and its so sad he's not playing batman in the superman/batman movie in 2015

Amazing movie! Very complicated like the first movie. Bane is so creepy; not as creepy as the Joker. But Bane is really powerful and... You know! Wow! - Jrdnlwn

Quite an achievement that every movie in the trilogy was great. Although the movie may not have the action of the second one, it makes up for it with a riveting plot and excellent ending tying up all the loose ends. - Hurricane1123