Django Unchained


This seriously needs to take the no. 1 spot. It has all the elements a good movie should have. Great witty dialogue, some dark funny moments, great acting (especially from Christoph Waltz & Leo DiCaprio), a long well developed plot, a lot OF VIOLENCE, and that signature Tarantino finish. Unlike the avengers, it doesn't rely on huge explosions and stunts to be entertaining. Best of 2012 by FAR

In terms of pure entertainment, Django Unchained was more enjoyable than any movie in 2012. It has a few flaws as all movies do, but the great script, dark humour, amazing, brutal action scenes accompanied by awesome songs in true Tarantino fashion and awesome performances from jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Leonardo Dicaprio and especially Christophe Waltz,

I can see why some people would vote movies like Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, and Hunger Games before this, as most of them have probably never seen or heard of this movie (or any of the better movies on this list for that matter. ) Now I'm not saying they were bad movies, but this has to be the most entertaining movie I have in a very long time. Quentin Tarantino is personally one of my favorite directors, and he dosen't disappoint with his new spaghetti western. Seriously, guys, go see this movie.

My favourite movie of all time and this is coming from someone who has seen Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Forrest Gump, The Godfather, Dark Knight Trilogy, Fight Club... Nothing compares to Django Unchained, it has comedy, drama, romance, mystery, action. There is something for everyone.

I can't believe some unrealistic movies like Avengers is at no 2... I won't argue about The Dark Knight Rises... Dark Knight Trilogy is the greatest Superhero movie series ever with a great realistic story... And Then I'll say "Django Unchained" was equally the best along with "Life of Pi" and "Argo"... But I'll go with DJANGO UNCHAINED... - kawshiksharma

It was funny, clean, and it gave you information of what happened to the slaves. It is a movie you can watch over and over again it never gets old. It had great graphics to the movie and it was a great western movie. There was great acting in the movie all the actors did excellent. This movie should make number 1.

I love quentin tarentinos films his mind is just brilliant and I love how brave he was to just dive into such a sensitive subject. People who complained about the racism in this film need to shut up because this DID happen and there is no way to sugar coat it if you want to make a powerful movie like tarentino did.

This movie is very good. I liked avengers, the dark knight rises but I loved this one. I liked waltz very much but I am sure that dicaprio deserved the oscar and not him. I believe that leo was the best by far and the second of the bests jackson. I can't stand the academy people anymore. For me dicaprio won the oscar...

One of Tarantino's best films ever, and he's making another spaghetti western in 2015 called The Hateful Eight and it will be Tarantino's Eighth film. How awesome is that? Also, why is The Dark Knight Rises ranked first even though it has the biggest plot hole of recent memory? Because of Tom Hardy. - footballwhizz

This list strikes me as a shallow popularity contest but that's beside the point. Django will not win best picture (ARGO will get that honor - not even on the list! ), but Django was my favorite this year. "You a free man and you picked that outfit? "

Crass and brilliant. Django is the by far the best movie of the 2012. It stands head and shoulders above the competition. The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and Skyfall were other good films but this one tops them all.

This is a great movie. Screw You Spike Lee!

This has action, comedy, drama, shooting, violence, and great acting.

Spike Lee Movies don't know how to make these movies.

Good direction, good actors, and a really interesting story, black people had a bad time in that age and Tarantino shows it. It's the best movie I've seen this year, no doubt!

Fantastic movie - I did not know what to expect, but the movie was just as another person posted: violent/disturbing, dark, extremely hilarious, and an example of a shining victory!

Christopher Waltz is unbeatable. Jamie Foxx is brilliant. DiCaprio and Samuel are always good. Quentin Tarantino is God. The movie, Django, is one of his best. Job done.

How can the Avengers get so high on the list? Nothing in comparison with this masterpiece. It doesn't need cheesy reused movie lines or CGI every three seconds to hold an audience. It can entertain with the sheer power of its narrative, photography and acting.

Looking at this list makes me want to puke. Why are there so many super hero movies on here? Have people really become this dumb?

It's disappointing to see Django below the Avengers and The Hunger Games. The Dark Knight was a close second to Django for me.

A Movie That Doesn't Just Have It All. It Does It All Well. Legitimately action, drama, laugh out loud comedy, and amazing acting. Damn near perfect film.

Amazing film from quentin tarantino... Probably the best spaghetti western ever made.

By far one of the best movies of 2012, it was a smashing hit. It had all the great aspects of the moves we love. Yet another great from Tarantino

How the hell is Django not number one?! Hands down THE BEST MOVIE OF 2012! Not a dull moment! This movie makes you wanna laugh, cry, scream & shout!

I will watch any Tarantino movie. This one has been my favorite so far! And definitely deserves the title of best film for 2012. The diverse cinematography and the awesome writing style puts this movie in my personal top 10 favorites. :D

Brilliant and bloody! Tarantino delivers a great time in this amazing movie

A unique blend of creative writing, brilliant direction, and out-of-this-world acting, in particular by Christoph Waltz.