The Hunger Games


Seriously? I cannot literally believe it's not at No. L! The best movie ever, it could only be possibly beaten by Catching Fire in November (at writing time it's April 2013) and the 2014 movie Divergent (if they do a good job on it). Batman? Really? That movie's top, but it doesn't deserve it. (I have seen Dark Knight Rises, I can't believe Skyfall didn't make it up to 2nd or 3rd either! ) Awful, what this world has become. Hunger Games forever, and keep loving it fellow fans!

This movie was absolutely amazing! Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect portrayer of Katniss! Her and Josh Hutcherson are such good actors! The story seems really weird at first, but once you understand it, you get really into it. The digital film magic was amazing, like the special arena effects and Capitol stuff. I loved it! Definitely my favorite!

Ok. This NEEDS to be number 1. It was filmed so great, and was seriously one of the best movies I have ever watched. The book is still better, but the directors managed to capture the vital parts of Katniss' story. Now, when someone mentions the hunger games, we don't picture the dark haired girl in the book, but Jennifer Lawrence and every character in the movie. How can we not, it's just too memorable for 4th place!

This film is amazing, even though I knew what was coming as I'd already read the books it still had me on the edge of my seat, laughing, crying. It gives an insight to our own society and although some may pass it off as just some action movie, it really is a deep and moving experience as well as suspenseful and leaving the viewer fully satisfied. Extremely well done, one of my absolute favorites.

Most epic action movie I've seen. Greatest performances that lead to an engaging plot and characters and triumphs over the book in almost every way. I can never watch this movie without being excited every time, and it does everything but never disappoints.

This movie was TERRIBLE! I understand how it is on the list but it is so over hyped! I was a fan of the books but the movie was absolute trash. It would have been way cooler as an "R" rated movie because all the cool stuff in the book doesn't show up in the movie as well as I wanted it too.

Epic, I absolutely adore this film, its fantastic and I loved every moment. People should really respect this film more because its one of the best films ever made and has everything that everyone is dying to see. And on top of that, Peeta is adorable and he's really cute x

The book was amazing and the way they made the book into a movie is beautiful. This movie is better than any Harry Potter, Twilight, or other book movies. They did a beautiful job with everything in bringing this book to life of screen. This is definitely the best movie of 2012 hands down!

I love this movie so bad. The emotions just catch up to me, one minute I am crying the next minute I am laughing or smiling. :) Although in my opinion the books are better than the movie. I also love this movie because the actors act really well. Congrats to the actors on making #4!

I loved the book series. I watched the movie. I wasn't disappointed. The director hasn't contorted it so it would appeal better to the movie lovers, but also to the book lovers. I am looking forward to the future movies of the series, and I doubt I'll be disappointed.

THIS is the best this should be number one! All the casts were perfect for the characters and the scenes were amazing and the makeup and costumes gorgeous and the story line was great not too little not too much! Can't wait until Catching fire comes out!

Oh come on! This should be number one. This is the best movie of all time, you people probably didn't vote because you didn't understand the story line huh?

It's amazing and they casts amazing actors/actress.

On this list are some really amazing movies, I mean The Hobbit was magnific, Ted was super hilarious, Pitch Perfect was just perfect, Django Unchained was probably was one of the best tis century but still The Hunger Games were just simply the best!

The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and The Avengers really need to be above the Dark Knight I mean Batman is lame in all of his movies... Do you hear a lot of people quoting him no they are quoting Bane and the Joker. Lets get these movies where they belong and Batman where it belongs!

I don't get how this movie isn't number 1. It got way more views at the box office and everyone I know that saw the movie said it was probably the best movie they ever saw and they couldn't wait for the sequel. Whoever made the dark knight number 1 was crazy,

An actually very intelligent and thought-provoking masterpiece! Because its based on a for teen book some might stereotype it as immature and badly acted. Its definitely not and adults can see it as well, a very moving and tense film throughout.

The Hunger Games were SO awesome! I can watch it over and over again, better than the average movies. But a bit sad too. The girl died but some gave out a helping hand which is great, the hunger games is romance, drama, futuristic movie. So GREAT! - alexijr

The books are amazing... The movie did a good representation of it, and I liked the actors they chose for the roles, they really fit the characters I imagined

I love this movie! It should be number one! And I love Twilight, Mean girls, Bratz and stuff. They are really cool because they are like really school life populars peeps or not that creepy creepy stuff. - musiclover7621

Love this movie. Excellent adaption to the book and great acting cast! Possibly one of my favorite movies of all time. Better book adaption than any of the Harry Potters.

I went into the theaters I had not read the book, I had no idea what this movie was, I walked out of the theaters 2 and a half hours later... I was wowed. It was so good I decided to read the books after that! - RandomGuy18

Jennifer Lawrence played so amazing as role of Katniss and so did Josh Hutcherson. Unlike any other movie I have seen in the past years. I love it so much. I've read all three books.

Words can't even explain how wonderful this movie is. Don't know why dark knight is number one. I love this movie so much. Happy hunger games... And may the odds be ever in your favor.

The acting was amazing and the film was marvelous. I wish Jennifer Lawrence acted in better movies like this unlike garbage like Passengers - AlphaQ

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) acted and played their parts so well. I Thought that at first, it was a story revolving around them in real life!