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41 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Because I like snow..! I like ice..! I like the story, make me happy..!

I hate Ice age but I do think this is the least worst part of the saga. I loved 3, I'm interested in part 5, and this is the second best

Why did they make another one. It is a scheme to get a quick buck and it don't work.

Can't believe its 38! This is an extreme number 1

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42 Taken 2

What I didn't even know there was a taken 2. I loved the first one. Now I'm gonna have to find this one somewhere.

Brings shame to the Albanian name and stereotypes them as nowhere near the kind, loving people they R. I live in Greece and, to be honest, the immigrants here are much better friends than most Greeks. The movie itself is alright I guess...

Is a 0 on a 1 - 10 but the first one was a 1, 000 out of 10! Such a good film. - LukeBlundell

Serious film not as good as first doe

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43 Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a hardcore action movie. We need a quality action movie in the top 10 and I seriously think jack reacher deserves a place due to the exceptional performance by Tom Cruise. If you love action, Jack Reacher deserves to be in top 10. The film have a beautifully written screenplay.

A thrilling and suspenseful action movie, with great acting by Cruise and the rest of the cast. Interesting mystery plot as well. Jack Reacher also contains one of the greatest car chases in recent memory. Really hoping that they make a sequel.

Jack reacher is one of my favorite movies. Very polished actions and great words

This movie was alright. I think it is a little underrated though.

44 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

This movie was amazing. It has very funny characters like Alex, Marty, Melman etc. It has very very funny penguins and animal controller.

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45 The Raid: Redemption

Wow! Its surprise to see this movie in #11. This movie is so good maybe best martial arts movie. But, please I know all of you indonesian have a good nationalism but don't discredit another movie who are actually really better than this movie. This movie is not comparable to the top 5. By the way, INDONESIA HEBAT!

Damn this movie are really violent... Never though Indonesian has some good actor...

W.T. F is this trash called The Amazing Spider-Man and Wreck It Ralph doing above this masterpiece?
Here's my top:
1. The Raid: Redemption
2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
3. Rock Of Ages (by the way why didn't anybody put it on the list? )
4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. The Hunger Games
7. Cloud Atlas
8. Skyfall
9. The Cabin in the Woods
10. Project X

This and the raid 2 are the best action films ever made, they have the most insane action scenes that you'll ever see, NO shaky cam whatsoever and NO stunt doubles, the camera follows every single movement and the crew involved with this movie are professionals

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46 Sinister

A well-executed and effective horror film, with a great soundtrack and an awesome Ethan Hawke, it makes Sinister one of the better horror films that has been released in a while.

47 The Impossible

77th? What has gone wrong here? 2012 has seen some great movies (the top ten are all great) but it has also seen some shockers and it is absolutely ridiculous that a good 30 of these are ahead of the Impossible. This was by far the most emotional film of the year with a good deal of excitement thrown in. It makes you smile, cry, laugh, wince and perch on the edge of your seat and in my opinion that is what constitutes a great movie. I came out of the cinema with a new found respect for everything I have - especially loved ones. The fact that it is a true story makes it even more incredible.

I think this film is a film you would not get bored of and the film is based on a true story the film is about the family goes on holiday to thailand and they is a tsunami their and half of the family gets swept away to a different part of it and the woman goes with her oldest son and the two little sons are with their father and the husband goes and looks for his wife because she is in such a state because she has so many injuries and the man has to leave the kids with someone while he looks for them and then he finds them in the hospital and then they get a flight home when the woman has a operation but I think this film should be the number one film even though this film is upsetting!

The Impossible is an awesome movie with a giant tsunami and it's good they didn't die.

Jesus Christ this movie was painful to watch. So many tears.

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48 Man on a Ledge

Captivating! For fans of CSI and other crime shows. The main plot is shadowed throughout the movie by the MAN ON A LEDGE.

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49 Snow White and the Huntsman

Loved this film, excellent performances by all the actors involved.

Amazing film and outstanding actors (boys will love it! ) and (girls will adore it)

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50 Flight V 2 Comments
51 Haywire

What a delightful surprise! I loved it. Haywire is an extremely well-made film with exquisite choreography. It has a really old school feel to it. With a stellar cast, brilliant direction, stylish cinematography and a great soundtrack, Haywire is surely one of the best films released in 2012.

52 The Bourne Legacy

Absolutely loved The Bourne Legacy. A great and terrifically entertaining movie with top notch action sequences and an impressive and talented cast. Extremely well-filmed and shot in really cool and beautiful locations. Enjoyed the parallels between the previous Bourne film, thought it worked really well. All in all The Bourne Legacy is a great movie filled with adrenaline and smarts.

Very good! A Must watch film, I watched all three in the series they were preety good, the other three were better but jeremy now changes everything. Watch the rest of the films in the series before watching this one

Nice movie and I loved to watched it all over again and again. There are some scenes that were funny!

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53 Here Comes the Boom

My art teacher's name is Todd Voss, and guess what, the main actor's name is the EXACT same. The movie also had a good story, stand up for what you love and live for.

Great Family/teen film. Funny jokes and plot line. I loved the Neil Diamond song. Inspiring.

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54 Inception V 1 Comment
55 The Dictator

The best movie of 2012 without a doubt, it's so funny that it gave me a six pack from laughing so much.

Full of satires... And funny like hell.
There are a lot of moments when you can literally blow off your mind laughing

Amazingly hilarious! Better than Ted!

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56 The Watch
57 Parental Guidance

This movie does not make sense at all. It does not even exist

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58 The Woman in Black

Gripping story, jaw dropping scenes, be ready to stay awake for many nights after watching this :)), should be in the top ten at least.

59 Premium Rush

Terrifically entertaining with high-octane chase scenes and action. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon in a film together is surely a recipe for a fun and enjoyable time. Overall it's a great and entertaining film from start to finish.

60 Dark Shadows
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