Despicable Me 2


I like the movie a lot. A good sequel to the first one. The only thing that ruined it for me is the fact that my little brother and sister like to watch the dumbest movies OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I'm serious, there was this movie that they liked (it didn't even make it to theaters it was so bad. I could see why) that was called something like "Dragon Hunters" or something. It had a horrible storyline and the entire world was literally just a bunch of floating islands and stuff like that. If you've ever played Skylanders or Zelda: Skyward Sword, then you will know what I'm talking about. You couldn't even get a hint as to why the islands were floating, and they didn't even acknowledge the fact that floating islands were somewhat odd and never said anything that would give you even a clue as to why the islands were floating. The point is, this was an absolutely horrible movie (and the little girl was incredibly annoying), yet, ...more - username34

This movie is superb, underrated, astonishing, and just amazing as a whole. Why this was #1 in that new 'most overrated animated movies of the 2010s' list is beyond me, and I hope the list's creator gets depression because this film is not the least overrated. Hell, I'm astounded to see that this is the highest ranked animated film here when I know that there were plenty of other more liked animated films made in it's year. There were no unlikeable characters, the humour and plot were great and complemented each other well, and overall I'd say this can be enjoyed by all ages and not just kids. I was 14 when I watched it and I loved it then, 4 years later and I still love it today. Sadly I only watched once back when I saw it back then, but ever since I have always wanted to rewarch it. It's just that good, and I wished more people appreciated it. - PageEmperor

Deserves to be number one, super cute, funny and just the whole package deal, not too funny or too romantic or too much action, just enough of everything... The best parts are the parts containing the minions because they are too damn cute with the way they talk and what they talk about and how they act, about a week after watching the movie I found a picture called "the Banana language" which is the minions language and I couldn't stop using parts of that language for a while, and if you haven't watched it yet then why are you reading this GO WATCH IT! And if you have watched it then GO WATCH IT AGAIN! :) :D

This movie is so so so funny, and it's a family movie that everyone can watch! Despicable Me 2 is a stellar movie that deserves to be on the top of the list, and the minions make every scene great! I loved all the animations and the minions! I could watch this movie a million times, and I wouldn't be tired of watching it. That's how good this movie is.

That was the cutest movie ever made! - cheyeanne

I agree. This movie was extreemly good. I would have watched it on a normal basis if it wasn't for the fact that my little brother and sister are the types of kids who watch movies and they never get old or redundant. It got on my nerves when I came downstairs into the living room and realized that they were watching the movie. AGAIN. but again I do think it's a good movie though, I'm not hating on it. - username34

This movie was so funny that next year there will be a minion's movie - gabimartgrena

While not as funny as the first one, this one has a just-as deep and heartwarming storyline, and now that Gru is a good guy it paves the way for a ton of very sweet, cute jokes that all add up to a fun movie anyone can love. Even an embryo could smile while watching this.

This one is the main best one and that it should be number one movie on the list and to be honest anime and cartoon movies are the best and I like all the cartoon movies so go this movie - Animerockstar

This is one of the best movies ever made. The minions are very adorable and have a cute little language. I agree that this movie is better than the firs one and that the purple minions also make me laugh as well. Lucy and Gru are so good together and Agnes is the most adorable cutie pie ever. This movie I think is in the right place 3rd place.

I LOVE this movie it the best for me its hilarious I was laughing the whole movie, looking for a comedy movie this is the one. Even though I like a lot of other animation kid movies.

Watched this with my friends and I loved it! It has a very good storyline and an excellent plot. I found the movie hilarious and I would recommend this movie to all ages.


Minions should have won this one! So hilarious and witty! I like how there is just so much emotion and it made me cry the first time I saw it! (I'm a girl so... ) one of the best


I LOVE the hunger games but... It didn't come out yet so no point of voting for it. Anyway, me and my mom laughed the whole time! SO funny, - Jamiesa

This movie is one of the funniest animations I've seen. it has so many funny characters and it could even be better than the first movie they made.

I love despicable me 2 its very funny my favorite character gotta be the minions and the little girl who loves unicorns - emobby120

This movie is hilarious never thought I'd say this but it's actually better than the first, I though this would be worse

FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER! I laughed the whole way through this movie it is hysterical and family friendly, I LOVE IT!

How the hell is this #3? Way better than iron man which by the way was terrible. this was great for anybody even my 68 year old grandma liked it - hubahuba7

Really awesome... And the minions, thy are so damn funny... want the 3 part to release soon :D :D

Best movie ever
Frozen sucks my friend flagged the YouTube video let it go from frozen

Well detailed. Amazing movie with everything you love about action, romance, and best of all... COMEDY! The directors were very clever...

Hilarious so funny I was peeing through the whole movie if you want a laugh with your friend or any time I recommend you watch this

My Favourite Movie at the moments, funny and different from another cartoon film. I'm laughing at start until ending of this movie.

İ really like Kevin because at the part that when Gru wanted Kevin and Stewart, Kevin did something very crazy me and my brother were dying from lying that's why I would like to thank all the Universal group for making a very nice film and making a character like Kevin...