Man of Steel


I was amazed by this movie this is a true superheat movie and is going to be hard for Batman vs Superman top top this but I believe it can but man of steel set the bar pretty high finally a Superman movie I've been waiting for - edenuperez

I honestly don't get comic book fans sometimes. To me, this was far and away the best Superman film. Two things that really shined in this film were the Kryptonians and that I finally got to see what I've always wanted: a giant slugfest across the city. People keep complaining about that aspect, and I just don't get it. The last 45 minutes of this movie was just one big fight scene? So was the Avengers, and who complained about that? But the way they did the entrance of the Kryptonians was the best part of the film to me. They made it feel like a real alien invasion. They felt alien, even though they look exactly like us. The sci fi part of this film was captured really well. Like I said, I don't know what people really want with Superman. From what I've gathered, they seem to want a rehash of Superman Returns, which was as boring as it gets for a super hero movie. - thecrimsonking

Awesome movie with amazing effects... The dialogues like "you think you can threaten my mother" really stood out! Nolan has unique capability to bring out the human nature in each of his super-heroes! It gets 10/10 in each department except for action where it gets 11/10! SUPERMAN IS HERE TO STAY! "WELCOME TO THE PLANET! "

Man of steel haters don't know what they are on about this movie is amazing and sets the "man of steel" to make his next step to become the "superman" we know and love it is realistic yet still hold the symbol of hope in which a superman movie should and the sequel is perfectly set up - Danfisak

Man of Steel was purely epic. I was expecting it to be cheesy with stupid jokes, but it was none of that. Amazing fights between Zod and Superman, destruction, and much more. Iron Man 3 should not be #2 let alone top 5. It didn't follow the comics, and the movie itself wasn't that great. - Vinyl

I really liked this movie. I thought it would be awful, but when I saw it, it was actually very entertaining and I went back to the movie theater to see it again. I really enjoyed it, and I would honestly rather watch this than Iron Man 3.

Oh yeah! Next to Pacific Rim and Iron Man 3 this is one of the best movies of te year so far. I think even people who are not Superman fans should defiantly see this movie. Can't wait for the sequel otherwise known as BATMAN VS SUPERMAN! That movie will kick A$$

Amazing epic incredible do I need to say more finally the Superman movie I been waiting for and the one we all deserved this is better than that Disney kids movie iron

Man 3

Man of Steel was the movie captivating from the start to end (please ignore few glitches). The canvas was as mighty as the hero himself - Superman - always the number one.

This is a great movie. One of the better superhero movies I've seen, though obviously The Dark Knight will rule that list for a long time.

Hunger Games sucks to begin with, but WHY ARE ALL YOU GUYS VOTING IT UP? It hasn't even come out yet! For all you know it will suck (even by its shallow fans' standards). Sorry, that was mean (not being sarcastic). I just can't stand the fact that THG receives so much hype when its so unoriginal and poorly done while MUCH BETTER BOOKS (cough cough, Battle Royale, the 1997 book Suzanne Collins totally ripped off) go unnoticed.
And why isn't The Wolverine higher on this list? It was definitely the most modest superhero movie of the year, but arguably the most heartfelt!
But whatever, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. No hard feelings.

I'm not sure why this is not in the top 3. Though it does get a bit over the top in the climax (last half an hour), Man of Steel is possibly Superman's best film to date, well to me anyway.

It is the strongest superhero of all the comics. He can hear, sense what is happening on earth. He is faster than a bullet and stronger than a dinosaur.

This movie was a fresh new take on superman that he needed and even if it was long it gave us all we wanted as long as we wanted an AWESOME SUPER HERO

Simply the best. The plot was amazing and had an even better message. Better than the Avengers by a long shot. - Eclectic

This was cool. In some parts it looks like the old one, I think they did that on purpose. They usually did that when the Man of Steel was a flying through the air. - maddyparrot22

I hate this movie, I mean I don't hate it, hate it, but I noticed that there was way to much explosions so I don't like this movie very much.

I went to see man of steel with high expectations but it was not as good as I thought is was going to be.

Man of Steel is dark and I like it!

It is interesting.

Lion King is for Losers!

By far this is the best movie ever, love the graphics, watched it 5 times, and still get goosebumps every time I see it! Love it!

I was a superman hater until this happened! This movie was truly epic and made me a Superman fan!

Superman: Man of Steel is AMAZING! I loved every minute of it! Definitely going to buy it on DVD!

Ill give 8/10 for just for reboot, ill give 9/10 for making action, ill give 10/10 for finally making superman like comic book look. - blitzp101

Superman is the most popular hero of all time and this movie shows the true potential. I think Superman deserves better than all heroes

So much better than the original Super Man! Great cast, the guy playing superman was perfect for the role!