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201 Bullet to the Head
202 Oblivion

Oblivion is a perfectly entertaining sci-fi movie. It's visually stunning, and the soundtrack is awesome, very retro but modern and futuristic as well. Great action and performances throughout. A pretty cool and interesting film.

Oblivion is one of the best movies of the entire year. Definitely the best movie to come out in the summer of 2013.

I admit it was a little confusing but way cool, tom cruise and morgan freeman

121! it should be at least 50 - zxm

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203 Red 2

This movie is so epic, I could watch it a thousand times without getting bored

204 Riddick

Great Movie... Best Sci-fi In 2013

205 Brave

Why isn't it no. 1?

206 Escape From Planet Earth
207 Aashiqui 2

75th? Really? Deserves number 1 position. It's the best of best! Adithya and shraddha are rocking. Such a fantastic movie..

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208 The Canyons V 1 Comment
209 Movie 43

Loved this, loved Emma stone's bit - ethan_grant97

210 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Great movie loved it, great acting and a few jump scares, based on a true story of the serial killer ed gein! I would rate the movie 5 out of 5

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