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141 The Bitter Pill
142 Parker
143 Snitch Snitch
144 Chashme Baddoor Chashme Baddoor
145 Commando Commando

Ain't Commando a 1985 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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146 Dhoom 3

Amir khan's remarkable acting and the plot made this movie a great success

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147 Nautanki Saala! Nautanki Saala!
148 Curse of Chucky Curse of Chucky
149 The Book Thief The Book Thief

Best movie of 2013. Great story, great acting. Absolutely loved it.

Ha ha, this movie is under the movie One Direction: This Is Us. - zxm

150 Mr. Morgan's Last Love Mr. Morgan's Last Love
151 Escape From Planet Earth Escape From Planet Earth
152 A Touch of Sin A Touch of Sin
153 Enough Said Enough Said
154 The Physician The Physician V 1 Comment
155 My Lady Boss

The best romantic comedy movie in 2013

Gma films is the best!

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156 Europa Report Europa Report
157 It Takes a Man and a Woman It Takes a Man and a Woman

The highest grossing filipino film of 2013
Congrats sarah we love you..

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158 Child Pose
159 Four Sisters and a Wedding

The best family movie for 2013 will make you crazy cry and laugh at the same time

160 Filth

Great performance by James McAvoy. I suspect this film wasn't very well shown in the US. Still can't believe its not on this list!

Filth is arguably the perfect companion piece to Sunshine on Leith. An Edinburgh double bill, Filth brings you down and Sunshine on Leith brings you back up again.

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