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161 Sunshine On Leith

Once upon a time (mostly in the 1960s) musicals were the big tentpole movies for studios. They were everywhere; West Side Story, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Oliver and so on to the point that musicals fell out of favour (thanks a lot Easy Rider).

Ironically in an age of superheroes, giant monsters and robots, teen fiction and rowdy comedies, it was refreshing to see a feel good musical come out (in the UK) in 2013.

Sunshine on Leith, while not as visually stunning as the big blockbusters, will actually hold up a lot better than the likes of Pacific Rim.

Sunshine on Leith shows the likes of Pitch Perfect and Mamma Mia just how to do a jukebox musical properly.

Keep a look out for a cameo from Craig and Charlie Reid aka The Proclaimers walking out of a pub

Cynics out there will likely refer to Sunshine on Leith as McMamma Mia. This does for the Proclaimers songbook what Mamma Mia did for the ABBA songbook.

If you know anything about The Proclaimers you could go "ok someone will go to America to send back a letter (Letter from America) someone will be on a journey from misery to happiness (I'm on my Way), someone will be called (Oh Jean) who probably (Should have been Loved) and someone will promist to walk (500 miles). It doesn't matter about predictability because you'll be smiling throughout and maybe singing along to 500 Miles.

The last time a British musical was this heartwarming was Oliver! And that was back in the late 60s.

The feel-good movie of 2013. Or at least as far as the British are concerned.

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162 Teen Beach Movie

This is a piece of crap. Should not be on anyone's best movie list ever.

163 Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?
164 Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

Best movie on Cricket. Must watch movie guys

165 Only God Forgives

A mesmerizing experience. Definitely not a film for everyone. It's violent, disturbing and surreal at times. The atmosphere throughout is very dark and eerie. Only God Forgives is visually stunning and stylish. Also the soundtrack is wonderfully dark and cool. A brilliantly crafted film and one of my favorites of the year.

166 Grand Masti
167 The Lunchbox

It won the critics' award for best film at Cannes and received a standing ovation for 10 minutes! THE sweetest tale of love with an old-world charm.

168 Pee Mak

Best Horror + Romantic + Comedy Movie of All Time.

Very funny and modern

169 The Counselor

Ridley Scott - Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz & Cameron Diaz. Violent, sexy & cool. Enough said.

170 ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi

No comments but still the best movie

171 Krrish 3
172 Smiley
173 Wasteland
174 The Bloody Secret
175 Walking With Dinosaurs 3D
176 Thalaivaa

Nice movie to watch!

177 Laali Aur Lomdi
178 Dose of Reality
179 The Family

Come on, this has got to be the most underrated movie of 2013. The acting was superb, and its probably one of the more original movies trying to relive the 'Godfather'. And you can't deny that Diana Agron was a total badass in this movie. Hope they make a sequel

180 Jatt & Juliet 2

Funniest film ever seen. I think that this movie should be in the top tens. I also request Hollywood to make the English version if this super hit Punjabi or shall I say Indian movie

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