Best Movies of 2014

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121 Cuban Fury V 1 Comment
122 Veronica Mars

I love Kristen Bell, I love Veronica Mars, and I love this film.

It is a good movie

123 Dracula Untold

I loved this movie I could watch it over and over again

It was a great movie

Good movie. Just good

124 A Brony Tale

One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

125 Unbroken

Why isn't this number 1

126 Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Why no one included this on the list is beyond me. It has great comedy, a good story, cool characters, it's marvelous. Go check it out.

127 Song of the Sea

Why isn't this above TMNT and Transformers: Age of Extinction?

This wonderful underrated movie deserves to be on top!

128 Lego: The Piece of Resistance

This movie was amazing. It is both funny and emotional.

Where did this come from? It's The Lego Movie (but this was its production name)

129 The Hobbit: There and Back Again

This title was changed to battle of five armies and battle of five armies is already on here.

Why is THIS here? It's not even called "There and Back Again" anymore.

First one was fine second one was very dissaponiting so I don't want to see this one

V 2 Comments
130 Bride for Rent
131 The Legend of Hercules

Isn't this the movie that got a big, fat three percent on rotten tomatoes?

I can't wait to see this movie

132 The Nut Job

Over the hedge is better and less overrated than than this copy of that movie.

This movie was horrible! Why is it on here - hubahuba7

Whoever likes this movie obviously has no taste for cinema.

Get this off the list the Top Tens!

V 9 Comments
133 The Monuments Men

Saw it last night. Not really Oscar worthy but such great subject matter. - comicoco

134 I, Frankenstein

I really liked this movie it showed that he wasn't just a monster

135 Transcendence

Cool plot. Good actors. Gong to be big.

136 Gravity ** delete, 2013 V 2 Comments
137 Sabotage

Schwarzenegger Rocks Dude! It got to be in the to 10!

V 1 Comment
138 Dhoom: 3

Dhoom 3 is a best movie in Bollywood History.

139 Tokarev
140 Only Lovers Left Alive
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