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81 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

I really hate Night at the museum but every time I watch the next movies, it gets better until the best one is this.

No, it released on January 2015, dude. The comment you put is wrong!

Eh, you can live without this movie.

Oh shut up! It doesn't even matter when it was realesed!

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82 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - The Friendship Games

I cannot believe that this putrid piece of waste is actually in the famous best movies of 2015! this is nothing but a psychotic, demented flick, which only the mentally unstable might worship. I will use your disembodied heads to decorate my room, ponies! I HATE YOUR LEGACY!

Never heard of it. And pretty sure its going to be horrible.

The people posting hate comments haven't even seen the movie.

Please, do not say those insane comments about this movie being great, because I feel grateful that I never got to know this stupid piece of lard. we never should have seen it, an I do not even CARE if I see it or not, because everything of my little pony is TRASH. everyone who ever saw that demented flick is officially declared insane, and mentally unstable.

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83 Carol

Was shocked this wasn't top 20 and now I'm offended that its below Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb - WackoFlipper

Carol is stupid and boring! Why why why is it nominated on the Oscars?

Why in the heck of this world Carol is number 95 in this list?!
Carol is delicate,fragile a movie that takes you to another dimension and makes you feel sensations that you’ll never feel again, Let’s vote people!
Carol&Therese forever!

84 Bahubali: The Beginning

Love to see. Fantastic story, music and synchronization.

Greatest movie of all time in Indian cinema

Great movie real history waiting for part 2


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85 Project Almanac
86 Trainwreck


Amy frikin sucks at dunking and flipping

87 Hitman: Agent 47

Who put this here it was a terrible action movie

Well, the best so far. Thanks for this

88 War Room

Only this low because of prejudice atheists who don't understand a good message in a good package.

A movie everyone should see! Need more like this one.

Yeah whatever,guy underneath everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I went to see this when it first hit theaters and found it to be spiritually knowledgeable. ratings should rise to a ten if true Christians watches it. also people with marriage problems.

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89 We Are Your Friends
90 Krampus

Loved this movie

Great horror film

A great throwback to the 80's. Great fun with great effects.
4.5/ 5 Stars

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91 Cinderella

Hot off the heels of 2010's Alice in Wonderland comes another lavish live action female-centric fantasy epic. Helena Bonham Carter aka Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen even shows up as a fairy godmother who supports English Rose Lily James as she has to put up with her stepmother (a Marlene Dietrich-like performance from Cate Blanchett) and her bickering daughters.

In an age when fairytales are now given post-Enchanted revisionist twists in an attempt to be post-modern, this adaptation of Cinderella is radical in it's refusal to be revisionist. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter chew the scenery every time they are on.

Even though we all know the story it's still heartwarming enough to have you shed a few tears and leave the cinema on a happy uplifting note.

Some people might take against it's uncynical approach in an age when every fairytale movie is given a revisionist this, but this Cinderella is really heartwarming. Lily James is also drop dead gorgeous.

Beautifully done! Good job Disney!

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92 Unfriended

Very cool and definitely different.

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93 Descendents

They say I'm trouble they say I'm bad the say I'm evil that makes me glad a dirty no good down to the bone your worst nightmare can't take me home so I've got some mischief in my blood can u blame me I never got no love I don't remember what Carlos said

A surprisingly good Disney movie. It deserves a chance to be at least in the top 40's if not 30's.

I love you dove. Love rhymes with dove.


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94 Cop Car
95 Point Break

This sucks, why is it on the list?

96 Monkey Kingdom

! So cute! I love monkeys, I was born in the year of a monkey(2004), it's my favorite animal, and my dad calls me a monkey all of the time!

My school went to see this at the movie theater it sucked! I just went cause of the popcorn and candy also I wanted some coke cause I was tired of milk everyday at lunch

My granddaughters and I watched this movie about 10 times this weekend, they loved it!

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97 Temper

Good movie and goog story


98 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

This movie is so underrated! This movie has great acting and is definitely better than Spotlight.

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99 The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence
100 Sisters

I can't wait to see this! Looks hilarious! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Awesome! It comes out the same day as the new Star Wars movie though..

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