Top Ten Best Movies of the 20th Century


The Top Ten

1 The Shawshank Redemption

Best ever!

Obviously - darthvadern

all time. - ParasN2000

2 The Godfather

The best ever movie produced

3 Forrest Gump
4 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi was better - darthvadern

5 Saving Private Ryan

This movie was incredibly realistic, best war movie I've seen - Ajkloth

6 Toy Story

Toy Story, A Bug's Life and its sequel are the best animated movies of the 20th century - darthvadern

7 Pulp Fiction
8 The Godfather: Part II
9 The Fox and the Hound
10 Jurassic Park

This is an adventurous movie. Very good! - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Jaws

Jaws was the first summer blockbuster - Ajkloth

12 The Matrix
13 Beauty and the Beast
14 The Shining

By far the scariest movie ever made in the history of movies... No computer animation... It was the setting, the acting, the plot, and the camera angles that made this movie... Unreal.

15 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This movie has an mega impact specially as science fiction movie

16 Vertigo
17 Schindler's List
18 Charlotte's Web (1973)
19 The Lion King
20 GoodFellas
21 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
22 Titanic
23 Bambi
24 Oliver & Company
25 The Wizard of Oz

Unquestionably the greatest and most influential film of all time,with appeal for any audience regardless of age. As a film exhibitor for over 50 years it's the one film I would be proud to stand by.

26 Dumbo
27 Cinderella
28 The Rescuers
29 Citizen Kane
30 The Little Mermaid
31 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
32 The Green Mile
33 Lady and the Tramp
34 The Big Lebowski
35 12 Angry Men
36 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
37 Grease
38 Rocky
39 Gordy
40 Star Wars: A New Hope
41 Scarface
42 Gone with the Wind

Best movie of its time, no movie will ever match its beauty! - jks

43 Fight Club
44 Enter the Dragon
45 Flight of the Navigator

#47? I guess it's my job to get this one higher. Amazing Disney movie, by the way. A 1986 blast from the past. - RockFashionista

I just voted. It's now #26.

46 The Jungle Book

Good movie - darthvadern

47 Toy Story 2

Better than original - darthvadern

48 Annie Hall
49 Seven Samurai
50 Platoon
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