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1 Alien

I personally love all 4 Alien films. The first one was the scariest, Aliens was great Action/Adventure/Horror, Alien 3 was great SCI-FI/Drama/Thriller, Resurrection was bearable too but the idea with Newborn was weird. Too bad they didn't make Alien 5 - Alexandr

Choosing between Alien and Aliens is the apples and oranges debate that always keeps people split (As evidenced by Alien and Aliens both having a 22% ratio) but Alien is the apple I pick... because I prefer apples over oranges. - nerffan8000

The best - iliekpiez

2 Aliens

So here's my order: 1 Aliens, 2 alien, 3 Prometheus, 4 Alien resurrection, and last but not least the only one I didn't like, number 5: Alien 3! And just a tip, don't overlook Alien Resurrection! It's a great movie!

It's a pity James Cameron didn't make the 3rd and 4th too. They could have been a lot better. - BKAllmighty

It doesn't Desnerve 26% It Deserves 101% - VideoGamefan5

3 Alien Resurrection

I really love this movie, but I know it gets a lot of hate.

I like this movie - iliekpiez

4 Alien 3

I hate this movie - iliekpiez


5 Alien: Covenant Alien: Covenant

It Will Be Awesome - VideoGamefan5

No thanks - iliekpiez

6 Prometheus

I liked it - iliekpiez

7 AVP - Alien vs. Predator

I liked it - iliekpiez

8 Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem

I talked about apples and oranges with Alien, so keeping in theme with that - Alien vs. Predator - Requiem is cranberry sauce. Most people hate it... except me. Granted, it's not a perfect analogy because I just happen to like cranberry sauce, Alien vs. Predator - Requiem I only like because it's a great choice for a so bad it's funny movie. - nerffan8000

I hated it - iliekpiez

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1. Aliens
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1. Aliens
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