Best Movies Based On Historical Events or People

Names may have been changes, events may have been fictionalized, but the movies are good, and historically grounded.

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1 Schindler's List

A movie every adult should watch someday.

A very real, moving movie. - JESSIEMEN

I did my school project on Schindler when I was in Junior High. Watched this movie... Got an A plus.

A movie to watch for greatest performance of life time

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2 Braveheart

William Wallace was a real person, once upon a time, and now his story will live forever. - heather

Historically speaking it was fantasy! The French princess was four years old at the time.

Its awesome and make the people think about freedom even today. Are We really live in freedom?

Very violent but very remarkable.

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3 Titanic

Titanic was a mix of suspense, romance, and tragedy. It was very romantic. However, I didn't really like the ending. I mean, everyone ends up dying except the female main character, and usually, there are supposed to be happy endings in movies. But since this was based on a true story, it makes sense that there wasn't a happy ending. There is only a 5% chance of someone getting a happy ending in life.

Ok Dear maker of this list,
Titanic was the highest grossing movie worlwide and still is, no movie comes close, granted Braveheart is awesome, just look at the statistics. - Ezekial5016

Actually, Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. And, highest-grossing doesn't always equal greatest. - EGBrett

I think this pretty much explains itself, but I must make comment about how wonderful I think this movie is. I think it was an instant classic. - heather

It was a mix of stupidity and cancer and is made out of nothing but horrendous acting


KILL ME. - AlphaQ

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4 Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is the best WWII and best Normandy movie ever. I heard that a vet who fought at Omaha said the only think missing from the opening battle scene was "the smell. "

On the other end of the spectrum is "Pearl Harbor. " This laughable "movie" should only be on one list. "Worst WWII Movies of All Time. " There were so many factual, visual and technical mistakes in this "movie" it should never have been allowed to open in theatres. The name of the director escapes me right now, but once again he was more concerned about big explosions and mass appeal (to make more money) that he turned out yet another P. O. S. Why did he make a boring teenage love story wrapped around December 7th, 1941?

"American Outlaws" isn't based on anything factual, other than they spelled Jesse James correctly. I almost died laughing. Oh yeah, every woman who lived in the mid west in late 19th century teased their hair... - corebare32

It should have won the Best Picture, The Shakespeare in Love is boring and didn't deserve to win it, this movie on the other hand was based on true events with great action drama and the caring nature of a mother in need of her MIA son. - roblist

Way Too overdramatic and makes my brain numb at how irritating some certain scenes are. 2/10 - AlphaQ


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5 Gladiator

Gladiator is really a heart touching movie if you feel the situation and the characters of the movie deeply. It is one of the best historical movie...

Although this movie is excellent, it is only three on the list due to the only thing that is historical is the games, and some of the names. Gladiators existed, Marcus Aurelius existed, Commodus existed, and that is all that is really known. But, that's enought to put in on our list! - heather

This is my favorite movie of all time! Not only does it have a bunch of sweet fight scenes but it has a good plot also!

One of Top 5 movies ever in my opinion

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6 Kingdom of Heaven

A story very close to history, an inspiring philosophy behind it, really a classical movie about historical events, which have influence until present times - and the best cast (especially Orlando Bloom in the leading role), that may be found for it.

The best what Hollywood made so far when it comes to the history costume movies. Great and uncliche acting by the lead (Orlando Bloom), great cinematography, good music, strong ethical position and philosophy.

Such a nice effort to bring in heaven, I think (Orlando bloom) god has made him for this role.

Nicd depiction of true histoy

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7 Gone With The Wind

I couldn't believe this wasn't on the top ten...this is based on the most important historical history in the US...come on now and it's the best historical book or movie ever made and it's still watched and talked let's get this movie to where it is supposed to be guys...

Its the best movie I'av ever seen with regards to expressions, acting and everything, the love to soil and the roots where a person belongs, is beautifully reflected through it...

Lovely book should at least read it once in your life time! 1

This is idiotic garbage. what is going on? -1/10 - AlphaQ

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8 300

Every time you watch it, you won't get out of it the next ten days

All the important characters in this movie were real. I'm not sure it's the best on this list but it deserves a load of credit. - Cantonez

It's wonderful guys, I loved it. I think this movie is very informative and young generation must watch that kind of stuff.

Overrated as hell. Only some characters were real,the story was mostly made up.

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9 Troy

It's such one of the amazing movie in historical epic type movie...

It is proven that Illium (Troy) really existed, and this story has been in circulation for thousands of years. Then, they turned around and made a truly epic movie about it. They took and age-old story, and brought it to life with TROY. - heather

Archilii has awesome glory and peoples have perfect body language in their characters. I watched it 4 times.

Die hard fan of tis movie

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10 Lawrence of Arabia

Not one of my personal favorites, I can appreciate this movie for its historical quality, and that it was very well liked by many people when it came out. This movies classic status puts it on this list in the top of the historical movie list. - heather

It may be overly long but it's still the epic of all epics. The historical setting adds to the richness and exasperated the detail to perfection. - logblobo

One if the best movies of all time. - Billyv

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11 Glory

This could also be classified as a war movie, but I think the historical significance of this movie makes in a movie that needs to be on the list. - heather

This movies is so heart warming and moving. I could watch this a hundred times.

12 Goodfellas

One of the greatest films of all time and the most entertaining, exhilarating, and detailed biopic. About the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill. The movie shows the brutal truth of everyday life in the Mafia.

Best Gangster movie ever made. Goodfellas > Godfather, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, The untouchables, Donnie Brasco and on and on

13 Platoon
14 Ray

Amazingly acted. Awesome story of a real man. Jamie Foxx was well rewarded with his performance

15 Remember the Titans

This showed the struggle after schools became desegregated. It is a wonderful story. It showed me a lot - freshlivinlovely

16 Ali
17 Andrei Rublev
18 Apollo 13
19 The Aviator

Howard Hughes had a crazy life. - travis13

20 All The President's Men
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