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61 Stalin

such an incredible film focusing on the life of one of the most intriguing an evil men of all time incredible acting espicially from robert duvall and amzing score taken from alexander nevsky make tis one of the most incredible films ever but it's not asx good as some of the others here namely Hotaru no Haka wich is the sadest film of all time. - alucard

62 The Blind Side The Blind Side
63 Cinderella Man

Crowe does a great job of playing James Braddock the legendary boxer during the depression

This is should be in the top five, any place less than that would be unfair.
One of the best I have ever seen. Don't miss it. Martin crowe is outstanding as james J braddock.

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64 The Last Samurai

Pictures perfectly the atmosphere and circumstances of the end of the Samurai at the begining of the Meiji Restoration time. - alexa

Actually this Movie express about the identity of Japanes in the past time, each and every country need to produce their own movie which should be base on their identity, more over with globalization sametimes people are forgot about their own culturee so through the movie can remain them about who they are or who we are?

65 All The President's Men All The President's Men
66 Citizen Kane Citizen Kane
67 Once Upon a Time In China Once Upon a Time In China

Great movie detailing the gradual downfall of the Qing dynasty, the chaotic and hard times of the Chinese people and rights of the latter to take matters into their own hands, as well as their rights to self determination when the imperial government refused to do much to either protect the country or the lives and rights of the people, forcing many patriotic citizens to come forward to do whatever was necessary to protect their homes and motherland.

68 Tombstone

Much more recent history than most of these others, but still a very good historical movie about many of America's historical people. - heather

69 A League of Their Own A League of Their Own V 1 Comment
70 The Great Raid
71 Enemy at the Gates Enemy at the Gates

One of the best historical movies I have seen.

72 Black Book Black Book

Brilliant film, its not been too glamorised but real in the way it is portrayed and shows the risks involved in being a spy, these people were very brave and lived life on the edge.

73 In the Name of the Father In the Name of the Father
74 October Sky

I think October Sky is the best movie it was based in Coalwood,WV. The movie was about Homer Hickam and the rocketboys. That created a rocket that changed history especially for there town. Those who haven't watched it should. If you do email me and tell me what you think

This film in particular had an overwhelming effect on me as a child... Indeed a brilliant work

75 The Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland

Forest Whitaker in probably one of the most powerful roles based off a real person. Such an amazing and yet disturbing movie. Incredibly moving.

76 Gangs of New York Gangs of New York

Pure and simple excellence... Right up there with The Last of the Mohicans if you ask me...

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77 8 Mile 8 Mile

The Story of Eminem growing up with depression and living in Michigan and was poor but made to the top of the Hip Hop world, very inspirational - roblist

78 Lagaan Lagaan

The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers

Excellent movie in India... Brilliant taking by ashutosh govarikar... Ever best amirkhan performence

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80 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It looks so realistic. It actually looks like someone was caught filming the events of the real killings!

The only thing that actually happened was that he had a mask made out of human skin, but I LOVE this movie!

worst killing family in united states history

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