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121 Boogie Nights
122 Elizabeth

A fantastic story about Queen Elizabeth I, who is portrayed in all her complexity by Cate Blanchett. This film is beautifully crafted - from costumes to make- up to a cinematography that matches the very best Tudor portraits by Hans Holbein. Intrigue, drama, character, and a keen insight into a fascinating time.

123 A Night to Remember

Greatest movie about the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic. Even though it was made before the discovery of the ship, and before it was confirmed that she split in 2, before sinking, it still feels as though you are watching the disaster itself, while you watch it.

Now THAT movie best sums up the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic.

124 Shakespeare in Love
125 Sword of War
126 Goodnight Mister Tom
127 Private Peaceful
128 Immortal Beloved

Incredible film about the life of Ludwig... Soundtrack by Beethoven - dewaynebook

129 Danton
130 The Young Victoria

A good movie about Queen Victoria's teenage years and early reign. Great costumes, too!

131 Singin' In the Rain

Very great movie about how movies were made in the twenties and the introduction of talking pictures.

132 A Bridge Too Far
133 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
134 The Zodiac
135 Amistad
136 Red Cliff
137 Ip Man
138 Ip Man 2
139 Hitler: The Rise of Evil
140 Sarah's Key
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