Best Movies In The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Top Ten

1 The Dark Knight

Best - lucaskt

NO! Rises is NOT better than the Dark Knight! The Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time!

Calling it one of the best superhero movies is wrong, calling it one of the best movie stars of all time is right.

This way better heath ledgers awesome - simpsondude

2 The Dark Knight Rises

The best movie ever. - DrRyAn

There were some moments that couldn't truly live up to TDK, and Talia al Ghul was, admittedly, unecessary. (Then again, so was Two Face, but he added some depth to the movie.) Nooneteless, that ending was so well done! I literally cried. I love this trilogy!

3 Batman Begins

TDKR's was borderline, lame and is by far the worst movie of the trilogy. Bane was cool, however, Batman spent half the movie in a hole and he wasn't even the guy to take Bane out, Selena Kyle did! Worst acting of the trilogy, too! #3

TDK was great! Joker was a great villian and the Bats was at his best. Two face was not that good and I thought he was un necessary to the flim, as good as Heath was. Great flim, but not the best! #2

Batman Begins was the best movie in the trilogy and is arguably the best superhero film, EVER. To see Gotham pre-Bats, gangster ridden town lead by the ruthless Carmine Falcone, was awesome. The progression of Bats throughout the film was very cool. Every time Bats went to see Fox, you wondered what cool toy he was getting next. Ra's Al Guhl was an awesome villian, we got to see teacher vs student in the end. Best of Batman! #1 - CaptainAmerica2000

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