Inspecting Long Lists #14 IMDb's Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (The Ultimate List)

Welcome back again folks to another Long list... today we are doing a request by RandomGuy124 on the ultimate List also known as IMDb the biggest experts of movies, and all data you look up complied this list which i'll include next to its ratings scale given. Here is what they consider to be the greatest films of all time.

Viewer discretion is advised

#100 Yankee Doodle Dandy
Rating Score - 7.8
As I go down the list you'll notice the rating scores are not in order which makes the list completely confusing how they assorted it in this way. The more we move on down you'll how screwy the list gets. Never heard of this so moving on, and that's probably gonna be response for move on the ones I haven't seen that a very ancient to me.

#99 North By Northwest
Rating Score - 8.3
An Alfred Hithcock film that in all honestly I haven't seen, but I at least have an idea what might the plot may be like.

#98 Rebel Without A Cause
Rating Score - 7.8
Yeah this one is definitely deserving its placement, there's many memorable quotes here especially one that was reused in 2003 oh yeah I think you know what quote that is. "You're tearing me apart" - The Room Yeah so this great film gave us that cringe worthy line from one of the so bad, but good movies of all time.

#97 The Third Man
Rating Score - 8.3
One of those films that came to the U.k first, but the next year was able to come in the U.S in 1950 okay. Other than that I have nothing really to say.

#96 Rear Window
Rating Score - 8.5
I have heard of this one... and maybe vaguely remembering seeing it the one time I did caught it on TV its fairly good. Seeing that it has a 8.5 makes me believe it would be considered for a much higher spot than right if were going by accuracy.

#95 Taxi Driver
Rating Score - 8.3
Oh this ones great not sure if I agree with it being in the 90's though even with that type of score.

#94 Wuthering Heights
Rating Score - 7.7
Okay there's three different version of this the book being the original, and the old picture black film, or the newer one which I heard was not nearly good. If they mean that old one fair enough I just have nothing to really say much about the super outdated film based on the book.

#93 The Maltese Falcon
Rating Score - 8.1
A Humphrey Bogart film I have never seen, and frankly I'm not sure if i'm willing to sit down and watch it with the primitive date.

#92 Double Indemnity
Rating Score - 8.3
Along the lines of the last entry, but like I said some of really oldies near the bottom half I'm gonna be having brain farts. My apologizes if I cannot think of much to say on some of these.

#91 The Great Dictator
Rating Score - 8.5
Awe yes the great Charlie Chaplin who I first heard the Name from Grandpa's Boy, but that was more so a joke than anything, but back in the day he was the man of acting for the United Kingdom Sir. Chaplin the great.

#90 Mutiny on The Bounty
Rating Score - 7.8
Its based on many different things a war, and a novel... the combination seems fitting, and justifiable in its merit that i'm okay with having here I guess.

#89 Stagecoach
Rating Score - 7.9
I like John Wayne, and all, but i'm so sure about this movie that ranked higher than other they have much more higher scores of especially 8.5 even.

#88 The African Queen
Rating Score - 7.9
Okay that's an immediately turn off based on the title, and next the premise might as well be The Trip to an African country because I don't see an African queen in this film. False advertising at its worse that kinda doesn't really make that much if you ask me.

#87 Good Will Hunting
Rating Score - 8.3
Now this is a great film I have seen, I'd still have the bottom part of 50 however with greats stars like the late Robin Williams, Matt Damon early on, and Minnie Driver all making this one to remember about a guy who is so incredibly intelligent that he never wanted to do much with his life, but after seeing a therapist tries to turn things around for him in a way its great in that aspect.

#86 Terms of Endearment
Rating Score - 7.4
Now this is where construct of a list falls really fast were not even all the way up the list, and we have what I found to be the lowest scored movie on the list. If so it should #100 how can something with such a okay good-ish score out past Many of th 8.0 scores as seen?

#85 Pulp Fiction
Rating Score - 8.9
Now we really have a great compromise... Pulp Fiction is a great classic Tarantino movie with many big time actors in it Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson getting their big time push in hollywood thanks to this jumping platform, and next an 8.9 is most likely a top 50 acceptable films am I right in saying that? For one this is way too low for this one to be placed hopefully the only one of Tartino's is just this one, but it doesn't do justice seeing it in the 80's where perhaps the 40's are far more accurate than this an 8.9 is a very great rating come on IMDb.

#84 American Graffiti
Rating Score - 7.5
Okay I can get behind this one a little bit with a cast of a very young Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss, and even director Ron Howard in this drama comedy hmm... curious enough I may need to see this now reading a bit of looking into it. Yet again with 7.5 its definitely not better than some of these other films above it.

#83 The Graduate
Rating Score - 8.0
A vintage classic film I've heard great things about, and probably deserves to be here for sure. The story is simple, and sweet formula that is around where it should be about near 80's range is fair.

#82 Network
Rating Score - 8.1
Oh so its pretty much an inspiration for Anchorman okay that's something the merits originally admiration.

#81 Nashville
Rating Score - 7.8
''OOOOH! Nashville!'' No seriously a political film that sure needs to be on the list.

#80 Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Rating Score - 7.7
Oh one of the earliest Steven Spielberg movies directed before his more famous ones are vastly superior to this one. Not sure about 70's, but near the 90's end seems more accurate to me.

#79 The Green Mile
Rating Score - 8.5
Oh now wait a minute The Green Mile is only 79 on this list this is almost as terrible as having Dragon Ball Z at 78 on that IGN list. This Tom Hanks classic is just great, and sad at the same time with a great supporting cast as well.

#78 The Grapes Of Wrath
Rating Score - 8.1
Oh Grapes of Wrath I remember sleeping through this one in my 7th grade of middle school not remembering anything about this shows why I wouldn't have it on the list. Even with a bit too high of a score for my tastes. I know its based on the Steinbeck book, but I find noting enjoyable even with watching one time only.

#77 Shane
Rating Score - 7.7
I mean its gotta be one of the better westerns of its time, but its primitiveness, and unknown cast doesn't help that its better than Pulp Fiction, and Green Mile a lot can be said again with the next one on the list.

#76 Giant
Rating Score - 7.7
While it has some big stars here i'm not quite sold that it beats films I feel should be above this, it fair where it is though I just am in this disbelief tone right now.

#75 Fargo
Rating Score - 8.1
Don't me wrong its a great movie, but I think Three Billboards beats this in terms of the more overall entertainment value. I don't hate the film in fact it was the better than that other film that ended up winning the whole thing, but of the Frances McDormand related highlights this up there, and i'll leave it at that.

#74 Annie Hall
Rating Score - 8.0
Oh one of Woody's greatest achievements in directing that isn't really a comedy, but more less being serious. I dd enjoy this one its good, but i'm not sure about the top 100 though.

#73 Rain Man
Rating Score - 8.0
Its one of those films that connects to those that are autistic, and it does it in the best way possible. I say go see it is a great film. Being at the lower part of the list is good placement for it no problem with it.

#72 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Rating Score - 8.2
Man is it tough to talk the subject of much older primitive films from the early 20th century that i can't talk much on seeing that I never grew up with them to fully say if there rated as great as they are.

#71 Midnight Cowboys
Rating Score - 7.9
Based on a dated novel, and while it probably is good I can't comment much on it other than Dustin Hoffman is in it.

#70 A Place In The Sun
Rating Score - 7.8
Oh boy its just back to back decades of films I can't fully say much about, and this is one I have never heard of at all.

#69 It Happened One Night
Rating Score - 8.1
Yes that is right It Happened that night they went to spend the night only to realize scoring takes place thanks for your suggestions of naughty fought because that is what the title feels like immediately. Its actually fitting this comes in at the sex position placement.

#68 City Lights
Rating Score - 8.6
More Charlie Chaplin love it is, unfortunately though I can't say much on this one.

#67 The French Connection
Rating Score - 7.8
Right the film that shouldn't have beaten Clockwork Orange which is pretty amazing in its own right, but this no not really I mean yeah its fin, but I wouldn't say great enough to be on the list.

#66 Bonnie and Clyde
Rating Score - 7.9
Oh that's right the two main people in this film are the ones who looked like clowns by force when reading the cards a few years back i'm not sure how I can sit and watch this again without thinking that and laugh.

#65 All Quiet on the Western Front
Rating Score - 8.1
This probably one of the few war movies on the list I have not seen, but being on of the first i'll give it a pass knowing that its good.

#64 The Deer Haunter
Rating Score - 8.1
Awe yes best known for being Christopher Walken's first big hit film in one of his earliest films ends up being his greatest work that is still recognized as an all time great.

#63 Goodfellas
Rating Score - 8.7
Incredible film where you have all the actors at their best in a 3 hour long enduring film of excellence, and even more tragic is not only did they not win best picture Ray Liotta couldn't get his part either seriously academy's? In any event deserves to be in the top 50 for sure if Dances With Wolves higher than this we may have a serious problem since that is not better to me.

#62 The Pianist
Rating Score - 8.5
Also known as the film that should of won best picture of 2003 instead of an overrated musical. The Pianist was very good in its own way The last time anyone heard of the name Adrien Brody since his infamously bad Saturday Night Live hosting.

#61 The Exorcist
Rating Score - 8.0
One of the scariest flicks I have ever seen in my life, but its still pretty great in that aspect despite no big awards probably because of its scary measure forced the academy's to pick something different the Exorcist is terrifying, and intimidating at the same time. It also had an inspired parody episode in Courage the Cowardly Dog to show its long lasting appeal still with horror films.

#60 Jurassic Park
Rating Score - 8.1
It was more groundbreaking for how much grossing came in the first week it was highly successful, and rightfully so it is a great movie I like to pull out once and while when I think of prehistoric times my evolution go back to the Mesolithic era in which Jurassic Park is just that without the humans, but of course you know what i'm getting at with that. For being the first it definitely would be on here somewhere also the two updated sequels, but those older looking ones to shame by far.

#59 Dances With Wolves
Rating Score - 8.0
Right... the film that beat out Goodfellas in which I totally disagree completely since that movie had a lot more detail, and place was fulfilling thrill ride where this was alright, but I get it I love Kevin Costner, but this was not his best work though. JFK was great, The Bodyguard he was really great in even Hidden Figures he got snubbed as a supporting actor that year.

#58 Braveheart
Rating Score - 8.4
Awe yes easily the best directed work by Mel Gibson where he did a lot with this film compared to his other works arguably.

#57 High Noon
Rating Score - 8.0
''It's high Noon'' no this is not Overwatch its just a western that inspired that character from that popular video game how ironic it must be qualified to be on here.

#56 Platoon
Rating Score - 8.1
This was before Charlie Sheen was tested positive of having having HIV, and becoming kinda a disgusting figure as well which is accurately portrayed in Two and a Half Men. Anyways Platoon I can't say I've watched this per say, but I know whose in it which is strange for a war movie usually those are great i'm unsure if this one is truly up there with the rest.

#55 The Apartment
Rating Score - 8.3
I don't see liking this type of comedy myself thus the agenda being like you could insert a lounge or hotel, and even that works.

#54 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Rating Score - 8.9
This Clint Eastwood classic was perhaps one of his early true greats before going on to do Million Dollar Baby, and Unforgiven which are his more iconic roles this one seems somewhat underrated being how he was here than what he would be down the road I love the western, but overtime not many people may remember that well I like where it sits at least in the middle is perfect enough.

#53 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Rating Score - 8.3
Despite the high rating i'm not very sold of its signature spot in the below 50 range that maybe high seeing that this is one Bogart film that I would probably exclude from the list even with a very impressive score to boot.

#52 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Rating Score - 8.1
Awe more western than expected while the talents of Paul Newman and Robert Redford are very good I'm not sure about it being 50's range especially that the whole list is sewed into a lotta weird with its ratings for one are out of order, and also I do not see this being better than the Eastwood classic myself despite one actor vs two really great actors comparison.

#51 Patton
Rating Score - 8.0
Based on the real life general from WWII its good, but very primitive for those who knew of his important significance role in that war overall as a member of the allied powers.

#50 Jaws
Rating Score - 8.0
Sure I mean it accomplished fearing going back into any pool. It holds up as a great horror classic from Steven Spielberg.

#49 The Searchers
Rating Score - 8.0
The only John Wayne film on this list, and once again the list has a mostly western, thriller, & musical genre domination feel. Seeing that it is John Wayne it has to be great, but than looking back at the others its tough to rule out some of the other choices.

#48 Doctor Zhivago
Rating Score - 8.0
I vaguely know this film, but I feel like its also some random pop culture reference in Family Guy on an episode based around this possibly that I can't think of at the moment.

#47 A Clockwork Orange
Rating Score - 8.3
It like a really screwy crime meets thriller elements added to the than disturbing matter of the fact they put em in with a scare like eye on the left,and even put into a cell eventually setting himself of chaos it is a very creative film for its time in how that time was in the early 70's nobody saw anything like this before. I'm very surprised to see this one come very low than what many put it at least top 25 by many, but seeing it in the low 40's Clockwork Orange I know deserves a much more higher spot.

#46 My Fair Lady
Rating Score - 7.9
While this may not be the My Fair Lady i'm use to seeing, but Hepburn did a great job with this, but seeing that it is a 7.9 probably should fall more down the list definitely not better than many films its higher than.

#45 The Best Years of Our Lives
Rating Score - 8.1
I'll tell you what the best days are my life would be by hanging on like an edge while also probably forget this even existed.

#44 An American in Paris
Rating Score - 7.2
Oh great another musical, and one that probably inspired yes the overrated La La Land based on the screenshots. Seeing that it has a score of good, and not great this should be like low 90's at best if it managed to make in the top 50 just does not seem justifiable being even if it inspired future films later down the road.

#43 To Kill A Mockingbird
Rating Score - 8.3
A rarity of a very great novel turned into film that I have ever seen.

#42 The Philadelphia Story
Rating Score - 8.0
Oh is this the Tom Hanks one... no, well then I got nothing to say about this sadly next!

#41 A Streetcar Named Desire
Rating Score - 8.0
Hmm... with a title like that I don't know how that can possibly be good, but whatever I guess seeing it has a 8, and making the 40's very weary feel on this.

#40 Rocky
Rating Score - 8.1
''Yo Adrian I did It, I won best picture, and even know that...''' Fighting hard now, this film is too legendary now enough dais the soundtracks alone make this stand out as a top 100 all time great in its own right in sports it would have to be up there in that category as well.

#39 Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rating Score - 8.5
If this is correct this was the first one of the 4 films, yeah the original definitely earns its spot on here it made the early 80's the next new thing Harrison Ford had going aside from Star Wars, and Blade Runner which he would do shortly after this.

#38 Unforgiven
Rating Score - 8.2
Awe yes another great Western only this time you have three really great actors Eastwood, Hackman, and Freeman really deliver in this film. It looks like were picking up on the more well earned film at least, but what is next is nothing, but unpredictability of the unknown.

#37 Saving Private Ryan
Rating Score - 8.6
While Platoon is the one of the only war movies to actually win... I would the one that should of won in its year, and frankly deserves to be higher than 37 is Saving Private Ryan is an incredible film to watch nobody how you cut it.

#36 From Here to Eternity
Rating Score - 7.7
No, nope this cannot be better than Saving Private Ryan. I refuse to believe it one bit.

#35 Titanic
Rating Score - 7.8
Ugh... no I think i'm gonna vomit I would not even watch this movie I can't what defense you throw at me its so gash darn predictable too. 3 hours of a Titanic sinking, and while there are great actors in this film this is clearly not DiCaprio's best film, and I recommend to skip this mistakened academy award winner from 1997 they totally got wrong.

#34 Gladiator
Rating Score - 8.5
Oh I love this film Russell Crowe at his best right here roman times meets great story dialogue packed into one in the year 2000.

#33 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Rating Score - 8.9
This may come to you as a shock, but I never got into LOTR like at any point. Seeing that this is the one everybody raves about it, I'm going to just believe in those who have seen, and say its great at 33 i'm not sold exactly if its fair enough to be there.

#32 Amadeus
Rating Score - 8.3
Yeah never seen a film that's basically about composers like Mozart.

#31 Apocalypse Now
Rating Score - 8.5
I do love this movie, and its poster nevertheless based on the Vietnam war they got actors like Ford, Brando, Hopper it was a very good choice of casts in a film like this of going insanity on the battlefield.

#30 Ben-Hur
Rating Score - 8.1
I assume they mean the old 50's film, and not he joke recent adaption. I guess, but at 30 is way off from 40 spots backwards to where it needs to be of ranged 70's to 60's.

#29 Some Like It Hot
Rating Score - 8.3
Yet some also like it cold, but no really it is more less here for Marilyn Monroe's most iconic role arguably.

#28 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Rating Score - 8.5
Okay I do vaguely remember seeing this on the top 100 comedy movies, but I still am weary of its place here seeing its the sole comedy film on the list entirely.

#27 It's A Wonderful Life
Rating Score - 8.6
A timeless holiday Christmas classic that will live on from both the old, and younger generations alike. It maybe boring to sit through now, but yet again I see reenactments of this film that are just as phenomenal as time evolves onwards.

#26 Singin' in the Rain
Rating Score - 8.3
''Singin' In the Rain i'm happy again!'' In a way that does seem to be one of the better musicals just because of that alone, and while I despise many overrated factor of most of those I wouldn't have any of them as high than maybe the lower 50 end would be okay with me I don't see them as greater as a drama, or a novel inspiration etc.

#25 The Bridge on the River Kwai
Rating Score - 8.2
A British war film I have not seen, and have it hard to believe is better than most of the films that are similar to it rank beneath this entirely.

#24 Chinatown
Rating Score - 8.2
Yeah who does not love when a setting is in Chicago with big name stars like Roman Polanski, Dunaway, and Nicholson once again. I've seen this maybe one or two times, but its pretty good.

#23 The Silence of the Lambs
Rating Score - 8.6
Also known as the last major horror/thriller film to win best picture ever since. It is a great film that does its job well to the point even it maybe kinda high in the mid 20's its justified for its significance for now.

#22 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Rating Score - 7.9
Its a good movie that has been starting to get overshadowed by its notoriously atrocious video game Tie-in on the 2600. While it is a good film to watch, and revisit at the back of your mind what the greater significance the movie, or the game that is the question?

#21 2001: A Space Odyssey
Rating Score - 8.3
I've heard alot of great things of this sci-fi kinda thriller film that was heavily inspired by Pixar's WALL-E a great example of this claim is Hal 9000 is pretty much Auto the whole design, and ideal is that, and I can see why people love this movie since the 60's there was nothing like it.

#20 Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Rating Score - 8.6
While its not all time favorite Star Wars going for the first ever made Star Wars I can't knock em for starting off the monster franchise it is now. While still great, and all at 20 might be high, but than again its the only one that got a best picture nominee in 77' maybe i'm overlooking the true first one of the bunch.

#19 West Side Story
Rating Score - 7.6
Yeah I've heard of... oh more musicals and one that's way too high in the top 20 with a 7.6?

#18 12 Angry Men
Rating Score - 8.9
At first I fought it said 12 Years A Slave, but luckily it isn't i'll take the oldy film over that any day with this exception.

#17 The Sound Of Music
Rating Score - 8.0
I get its iconic, and all, but I dislike when a musical has to in literally everything, and nothing against this classic, but seeing less of them is a good thing, but when there way highly ranked you've got another thing comin'.

#16 Forrest Gump
Rating Score - 8.8
While not quite superior than Spielberg's Shawshank Redemption... Forrest Gump still was a very long enduring entering movie that you can't but feel that wave of films were incredible, it was difficult to pick the clear winner of these legendary films. Tom Hanks was more comedy, than drama it wasn't until this he started switching up his game in more serious roles which makes him undeniable as a very versatile actor. Go watch it yourself its great, but extremely debatable if it truly is the greatest movie that year against those two massive heavyweights.

#15 Sunset Boulevard
Rating Score - 8.5
Oh that's an actual film? I did not know that I just knew of the street aheh alright awe... next!

#14 On The Waterfront
Rating Score - 8.2
At first it sounds like a war movie, but no its actually a drama/crime type film set in Jersey okay I guess. Its a good film, but pretty high for where it really should be from 30's to 40's.

#13 The Godfather Part II
Rating Score - 9.0
Just as great if not perhaps better than the first film many have argued. Part III definitely does not deserve any of that acclaim as nothing more than a disappointment in the trilogy.

#12 Psycho
Rating Score - 8.5
Awe yeah sure for being one of the first big horror flicks where fearing to take a shower turn for the worst even more so a smiling evil Norman Bates to boot iconic at the point we still remember you well Anthony Perkins.

#11 Vertigo
Rating Score - 8.3
The last of the Hitchcock thriller probably the one i'm least familiar with, and i'm not sure if is this high on the list yes it has a very great rating and all, but I never understood this one the most.

#10 Lawrence of Arabia
Rating Score - 8.3
I've heard a lot about this film, but i'm not sure if its top 10 worthy though.

#9 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Rating Score - 8.7
It seems you could fit Jack Nicholson in any thriller related movie, and its just awesome stuff, and this no exception with this being top 10 might switch with another which I believe was snubbed off of this list being The Shining, but never less yeah that's a great film as well.

#8 The Wizard of Oz
Rating Score - 8.0
I mean yeah its a iconic sure and all, but at 8 is very high for this film. I didn't grow up with it like others, but I do recognize it should be here, but not top 30 material.

#7 Gone With the Wind
Rating Score - 8.2
Awe yes another timeless classic that's reasonably high as it should be top 10 is right. I mean its not the first to win as a romantic comedy, but it basically set up the standard of what one should be like down the road of other future winners that come after this.

#6 Citizen Kane
Rating Score - 8.4
Hard to believe a movie from the 40's that everyone acclaim's as one of the earliest examples of great movie never won the academy which is stunning I would say it deserves to be a little higher on the list seeing that it was the earliest successful ones that people to this day are still loving with new fans alike.

#5 Casablanca
Rating Score - 8.5
The one Humphrey Bogart is best remembered in his acting is always reference to this film that's always being parodied in some shape or another. I have yet to see this, but seeing its a vintage timeless classic I should see this since its always up there by many critics.

#4 Raging Bull
Rating Score - 8.2
No question this was the best film of 1980, and it lost some other film that nobody remembers yeah once again what happened their academy's. Maybe at 4 is pretty stretchy since Rocky was the better of the boxing film, but this is a great close second.

#3 Schindler's List
Rating Score - 8.9
Truly one of the saddest film I have ever seen in my life, its both great, but heartbreaking to sit through, and to me that does have a touch believing this film can grab you in that WWII setting, but witness all the tragedy not many can do this thing to show sorrow sympathy like this before, and even after.

#2 Shawshank Redemption
Rating Score - 9.3
Phenomenal movie that I could watch every day, and go yes this movie is a masterpiece told in a Stephen King novel it is the greatest novel transition into films I have ever witnessed. This is one that you should watch before you die, and that's true to the bone folks its that good.

#1 The Godfather
Rating Score - 9.2
Yeah I can't argue with this one its legendary its one of the first movies you think of when someone says greatest film of all time most of them say Godfather Part I. Who doesn't love a mob like setting, and act cool in the movie yeah enough said just nothing, but epic scenes in here that are always reenacted years later.

There the list a complete mix bag of thumbs up, and thumbs down between films that probably should be there, and some that are just hard to rule out, and very lackluster scores inserted out of order I mean this is IMDb right I mean wow most of the films on the list are very primitive to the point i'm not sure if they'll even hold up over time where the more later decade moves I can see it. This was one enduring challenge to do, but it was a thrill regardless of frustrating just to get this out until next time we look at the always debatable NFL players list of this year. For now enjoy being through film critics among us all.


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