Jesus of Nazareth


This is my perennial favorite, though many of the others listed here are also high in my opinion. It's his eyes! Do I think Jesus actually looked like Robert Powell? Not likely. But his eyes probably penetrated to the very soul like this actor's. There must have been something about Jesus that caught people's attention, something physical, something noticed ever before he spoke a word, something that hushed them into thoughtful, curious silence, and I'm betting it was his eyes!

Every Christian finds the path to Jesus in their own way. For me, it was this film. I was mesmerized by it. It drew me in like no other film had done & it made me want to be a follower of Christ, a true believer & a better person. I can't put into words the profound effect this movie had on me. I'm sure I'm not the only one that this movie inspired in this way. For that reason, to me, this is the greatest film about the life of Christ. No other adaptation on the subject has inspired me more.

I've watched several movies about the life of Jesus through the years and always compare them to this one. Inevitably, each of the others falls short in some or several ways. No other movie has been able to provide the same feel, the same emotion of Jesus of Nazareth. While other movies certainly have made significant efforts to tell His story, none has been able to capture the story of Jesus nearly this well.

The best film I have ever seen about jesus. Robert powell is the biggest actor ever. But the directors are fool. Τhey didn t invite robert in another movie. I like the way, which he played jesus. And that is the reasons why I like this movie!

In my mind this is the best rendition of the life and death of Jesus Christ. When I think of Jesus Christ I picture Christ as portrayed in this mini series. It is also true to the bible verses though at some times the situations He preaches the verses from the bible may not be in the exact same settings as the bible but the meaning is the same.

I think Robert Powell did the best representation of Jesus that I ever saw on film. There are other films that follow the scriptures much better, but I feel the other actors fall much shorter in what I perceive Jesus to be in person. I am sure when I meet Jesus he is going to be different than the Jesus of the

Excellent actors and a very touching portrayal of the Lord. I loved the teaching of Jesus and it was quite detailed. Lengthy, but worth watching; every time I watch it I am deeply touched. Yes, best overall movie about Jesus Christ.

I've seen this film several times but not in some time. I need to watch it again. The Robert Powell depiction always struck me as somewhat detached and cold. I had a difficult time connecting with this "Christ." I may feel differently today as I am much older and more experienced.

Because this was a mini series it actually has the time needed to tell the story well. I have been watching this movie for years. To me it is the best one out there. Robert powell depicts Jesus excellently.

The absolute best movie on the life of Jesus. Hands down. Nothing compares. The music is unbelievable. There is no other "Jesus" actor out there that can compare himself to Robert Powell.

Robert Powell was awesome as Jesus. My two favorite scenes were when they found him guilty, he smiled, then at the end when Peter told Thomas that Jesus made sure everything happened the way he wanted. A truly blessed movie. Thankyou Father for giving us a powerful movie and cast to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

No other version is as in-depth. The television epic itself to me still hasn't come close to being matched by any other version of Christ's story. It nicely addresses the politics of 1st Century AD Israel and is the only version where the apostles are as memorable as Robert Powell's Jesus. There simply hasn't been a better Simon Peter than the late James Farantino.

The best movie of Jesus Christ I watched as a little girl. I remember I cried. The Lord is my King and Savior, I love Him and will adore Him until the day He'll come!.

I love any movie on Jesus but Jesus of Nazareth touched me a lot and the best for its time when made. Passion of Christ comes in 2nd best.

Indeed a great movie about Jesus Christ, we have 382 minutes where it is analyzed his whole life, starring Robert Powell in the role - MatrixGuy

Simply the best! Ever done in total portrayal. I felt this movie showed compassion, love and his mission to save mankind.

This movie is a classic about the life of Christ. The casting is wonderful, with excellent character development throughout the film. This movie is our family tradition during holy week.

His portrayal of Jesus is the bestvi have ever seen. I have seen them all, good and bad. His portrayal is heart touching. The word is truly said the way I have imagined it. My family and friends are in total agreement. God Bless him. His role had a lot to do with conversions from other religions.

I'll seen it and I have every nigh before I go to the bed I enjoy it and I have to seen it I never tired thanks for everyone gods be with you all

This is my favorite as well. It is very touching and moving. There are many good Jesus movies but his one is the best in my opinion.

I am sure this movie will always be my all time favorite; everything was great -- acting, music, costumes, etc. etc. etc.

The best ever movie about Christ. Best portrayal of Christ by any actor. A must see movie.

Good acting. Good directing. Good costume. Good scene. And with the best interpretation.

The most heartfelt Jesus characterization & really adheres to scriptures. Very true.

I first saw this as a kid, so I'm a little biased to Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth. I liked Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ too, but it was a little too graphic in parts, making some scenes very difficult to watch.