Best Movies About Jesus Christ

Which Jesus movie was the coolest, most influential and most touching?

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21 Godspell

A deeply moving interpretation of the Gospel for our modern world showing the love of Christ is not confined to the traditional and frequently stilted portrayal of the God/Man who walked among us, loved us and enter into deep, passionate and intense relationships with others.

This musical is based on the life of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of St. Matthew. However, what makes this movie special is that it is set in modern times. It shows us the teachings of Christ in a way never done before. Excellent songs, entertaining story and a powerful message.

22 Monty Python's Life of Brian

I don't know how Christians are gonna react when they see this movie on the list.

Controversial and funny on its release. Not so funny today. Often comedy dates, so does Brian.

It should be higher

This is a funny movie about a guy named Brian; that's all.

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23 Killing Jesus

One of the best film I guess

24 The Encounter

Great inspirational movie period!

I watch this movie twice it is a hearthwarming story also makes me cry

25 The War Room

It made me realize I need to clean out a closet and have a prayer room

Loved this movie it made me a better and understanding person

26 Jesus: He Lived Among Us

Yes jesus is always with us

27 The Case for Christ

What a great movie based upon an amazing true story when a young journalist who was an atheist set out to prove that Christ never died on the cross. In his search for truth he approaches some of the most respected names of scientists and other experts to disprove the Crucifixion as a myth instead of truth.

28 The Life of Brian

I love Monty Python

29 The Young Messiah

Very Best movie About Child jesus

30 The Jesus Movie
31 The Robe

Should have received one of the top five spots

Should of gotten one of top five spots!

32 The Testaments

My favorite movie of all times <3 Changed my life and I recognized the stories and felt them so strong <3
I love my Savior

33 The Last Days in the Desert

Jesus being tempted by the devil and an unusual run in with a family

34 Quo Vadis
35 The Star
36 Heaven Is Real

This is an excellent movie and will touch the hearts of many

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37 Barabbas

This movie is about Barabbas, the person who is saved by people of Jerusalem. One of the best movies to show lifestyle of that people.

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