Scarred For Life: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Holy god, there is so much dust! The hell happened? It wasn’t that long ago. I posted my Asgore and Devil battle...a year ago. Right.

(14 hours of spring cleaning later)

Hey, you all. Sorry I haven’t been posting so much. I had a lot of drama with my gramma getting sick, a whole lotta school work and tests, and after school programs, so I don’t have a lot of free time. But now my gramma healed and the after school stuff is a bit toned down, I can finally get back on here. And today, we are looking at Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. Now, I love horror movies and Freddy Kruger is one of the best horror movie icons out there. His charisma is great, he’s threatening as hell, and he has great movies. And then, there’s this one. It is f**king garbage.


Now the “plot”, if you can call it that, has all the minors completely wiped out except one character they couldn’t bother coming up with a proper name and is just called “John Doe”. Freddy lets him live so he could get his long lost daughter and so he could kill again.

Now, I got for horror movies you have to suspend your disbelief, but this is too far fetched even for the ANOES franchise. How is it that every single minor was killed except a single person? Why is he important? Why was he in particular chosen? Why is Freddy not able to get out of Springwood, when later in the franchise, he can go to Camp Crystal Lake which is miles away from Springwood? None of this makes sense.

And not only that, Freddy betrays his own rules and comes up with the dumbest sh*t. For example, whenever Freddy murders someone, the bodies are supposed to be damaged in real life. But here, whenever Freddy kills someone, the bodies vanish into thin air and that’s friggin stupid. And later on, he apparently can’t kill anyone if it isn’t Springwood, and his loophole is to spawn in a sign of Elm Street nearby. What the genuine f**k?

Why doesn’t Freddy do anything of any importance? He spends half his screen time laughing his ass off and fails to kill off most of the cast. This is the end of the ANOES franchise, and so many people are left standing. This makes Freddy look like a total b*tch.

I can go on and on, but in short, the real plot is that New Line couldn’t care less about Freddy and just wanted some cash, so they slapped Freddy dying over the posters and the title to draw in thousands of people that just sat there and marveled at the gigantic piece of sh*t they paid to watch.

And one of the sad parts? There were so many great ideas that could have worked. There was a concept in planning of Jacob, Alice’s son, going back to finish off Freddy for good and they were going to have the Dream Warriors come back from the dead to help Jacob. They were going to take elements of one of the best ANOES movies and somehow, that idea was scrapped. Then there was a concept of Freddy getting so pathetic and so weak that no one was ever threatened by Freddy and the children of Springwood would purposely go to sleep so they could beat Freddy up in the Dream World, but then Freddy kills one kid and all of the sudden, fear spreads back into Srpingwood. That was an interesting premise and somehow, that was scrapped, too. Why was that? We could have gotten something way better than what we actually got.


The CGI, the camera work, Freddy’s makeup, and the set design are all awful and reeked of cheap, amateur film making. I’m surprised they even had a budget because it looked like hot space garbage. The dream demons that were powering Freddy the entire series look like horrible, floating, sperm looking fish, the effects were so cheap, bland and looked like dog sh*t and the kills looked awful. There was the kid killed in the video game and they even referenced Nintendo’s power glove. Then there was a kid killed with the hearing aid that looks like a spider. And then there was John Doe falling downward from the sky and it feels so Looney Tunes and corny.

And then, there was the ending sequence. It was supposed to be the final showdown, the ultimate finale, and they ruined it because they made it 3D. Freddy’s head exploding and the dream demons that flew out were so bad it physically hurts to watch it.


Everyone was so bad, had terrible dialogue and were all horribly acted. I couldn’t care about anyone and I couldn’t care about Freddy, either. And let’s talk about Freddy, especially. He has been devolved into an uninteresting and annoying bogeyman that wasn’t even entertaining to watch. His one-liners were awful and he kept spouting them left and right. He looked terrible and his makeup was awful and, like I said, he spends half his time on screen laughing his ass off like a crazy psychopath. Why, Robert Englund? Why does a brilliant person like you have this in your legacy?

And then they throw in all these weird and pointless cameos into this movie, like Roseanne and Tom Arnold. They didn’t need to be there. No offense to those two, but why were they added in a Freddy movie. It’s not like those two contributed into the movie or was a Easter egg to something before, so why bother with that?


This is the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen and one of the worst movies ever made. I am physically hurt and incredibly angry that I have to actually watch this damn movie to review it. These movies are the reason why some people will never take horror seriously and why some have given up on horror altogether. This is one of the worst damn things I have ever sat through in my life and if something is worse than this, then I hope to god I’m spared from it. It is most definitely the worst out of all the things I’ve reviewed here and thus, is Numero Uno.

🥇 Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (0/10)
🥈 Teen Titans Go (0/10)
🥉Transformers Energon (0/10)
4) Powerpuff Girls (0/10)
5) Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric (1/10)
6) Bayformers (2/10)
7) Justin Bieber (5/10)
8) Sonic 06 (6/10)
9) Ben 10 Reboot (6/10)
10) FNaF 3 (6/10)
11) FNaF World (9/10)
12) RWBY Chibi (9/10)
13) Wings Of Fire (9/10)