Top Ten Best Movies Since 1987


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1 The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan got everything in place for this movie to become one of greatest movie of all time. Plotline, Character, Soundtrack. The greatest thing about this film and Nolan is about psychology. You can enjoy every scenes and repeat to watch it without boring. Including the intensity of story associate with "human" rather than creating "superpower heroes" make this film very unique for superheroes movie. Last one, It is Heath Ledger last film and you could not ask more from him!

The best comic movie ever! - Mcbloom

2 The Departed

Excellent movie great cast, great story, great all around film! - Mcbloom

3 The Big Lebowski

Hilarious one of the best Cohen Brothers films ever - Mcbloom

4 No Country for Old Men

Another Cohen Bros film classic - Mcbloom

5 Forrest Gump

No matter how long this movie is, it doesn't matter. You will watch this movie and NEVER want to stop. RUN FOREST RUN!

I love this movie seen it tons of times and still love it. - Mcbloom

6 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
7 Fight Club

I would add more of comment but the 1st rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club. - Mcbloom

8 The Simpsons Movie
9 Toy Story 3
10 The Shawshank Redemption

This film is an absolute classic. - Mcbloom

Absolutely awesome film.
Hard to believe it was based on a short story.

Great plot and great characters.
A true must see for anyone and everyone.

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11 Mad Max: Fury Road
12 The Sixth Sense

This movie was so awesome the first time you saw it, it remains M Night Shyamalan's best work to date - Mcbloom

13 Jurassic Park
14 Transformers
15 Finding Nemo
16 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

This movie is truly underrated I think this is Wes Anderson's best film. - Mcbloom

17 Godzilla (2014)
18 Guardians of the Galaxy
19 Kill Bill: Volume 1

I would have put the Matrix here but this is my list not yours and to be honest I liked these two movies way too much to leave them off my list. Also Battle Royale, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas and Casino could have also been included. But like I said my list not yours I hope you enjoyed and I hope you disagree I'm looking forward to any feedback...1 things for certain is that all these movies were excellent. - Mcbloom

20 Pulp Fiction
21 The Avengers
22 Inception
23 Ted
24 House of Flying Daggers
25 The Mummy
26 Schindler's list

A devastating movie! One of the best movies in the past three decades...

27 Boyhood
28 Zootopia
29 The Sorcerer and the White Snake
30 Ong-Bak
31 The Matrix
32 V for Vendetta
33 Saving Private Ryan
34 The Hangover

Legendary comedy! One of the funniest movies of all time! The story is just perfect for comedy, there are a lot of moment where you just can't stop laughing. - dragon13304

35 Alien Vs. Predator
36 Dumb and Dumber
37 Since You Went Away
38 Juno
39 Inside Llewyn Davis
40 Beasts of the Southern Wild
41 Dead Poets Society
42 Good Will Hunting
43 The Fighter
44 Million Dollar Baby
45 Jurassic World
46 Spider-Man
47 Spider-Man 2
48 Inside Out
49 Avatar
50 Up
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