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61 The 5th Wave
62 The Green Mile

Amazing movie with every moment great! It combines Comedy, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Drama!

A great sit down movie that goes for hours! It is a pretty sad movie but very amazing!

A 3hr long movie with fine performances and a great cinema structure to the film. Undoubtably one to turn all the lights off too and watch intensely

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63 Andrei Rublev
64 Gone With the Wind
65 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
66 Inglourious Basterds
67 Hugo
68 Goodfellas
69 Stalker
70 Lawrence of Arabia
71 Ikiru
72 Oliver & Company

Just the music in this film is amazing and the start, it's a must watch

73 Mary Poppins
74 Furious 7
75 Blood In, Blood Out

Best film about Mexican's. It is one of the underrated films of the earl 90's and has some fine moments

The finest Mexican movie of all time, and a true gangster movie. It is long and full of adventure

Excellent movie and so full of gangster moments, funny, and amazing storyline

Baller, baller, baller

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76 Scary Movie 2
77 Lady and the Tramp
78 Garfield: The Movie
79 Wreck-It Ralph
80 Zoolander
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