Best Movies With Dinosaurs

What was the greatest movie with these unforgettable prehistoric animals?

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1 Jurassic Park

The classic that started the whole genre. Though I personally feel that the 3rd part was a bit too tacky

We fought we are seeing real dinosaurs - MatrixGuy

Best dinosaur movie of all time from universal

Nope, this shouldn't be on the list. It doesn't qualify. And don't think I'm hating on this movie. You know why? Because the "dinosaurs" in the movie aren't dinosaurs. They're cloned dinosaurs! So if you were 70% human and 30% crocodile, would you still be human? Nope. So what were the dinotoads in the movie? Hmm.. Toadosaurus Rex? Toadaceratops? Amphibiraptor?

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2 Jurassic Park III

The 3rd movie of the Jurassic Park, this time without Steven Spielberg, with the new Dinosaur star, Spinosaurus - MatrixGuy

Finally, something that proves that a Spinosaurus COULD defeat the King of the Dinos in a fight.

Should be number one, Spinosaurus is WAAAY better than Tyrannosaurus Rex.

no no no

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3 The Lost World - Jurassic Park

I commented on this before and I will continue to defend this movie. This is one of the most unfairly mistreated sequels that I know of. People should stop complaining and nitpicking about the characters dumb actions in this film and focus on the good things, and there are some good things. And hey, I can look on the bright side, this is my opinion and I can like what I want to like. NOBODY WILL EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO. SO HA HA. an underrated sequel with a few problems but is a good and fun dinosaur flick.

The great dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are back with new Dinosaurs - MatrixGuy

This film gets so much undeserved hate. It's as good as Jurassic World and almost as good as the original.

Many people say this is a boring 4 or 5 hour snoozefest, but in my opinion it's not. It's a fun movie. It might have a couple of pacing issues, but I think this film is underrated.

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4 Dinosaur

A superb PC Animated Disney Movie - MatrixGuy

That was my whole childhood!

5 Jurassic World

I think they did a great job with the movie best I've seen since jurassic park

Way better than that crap Disney dinosaur

6 The Land Before Time

Now now, don't worry, I am pretty sure that shortly this will at least be above Disney's Dinosaur.

Looks like Dinosaurs can hold on together to - MatrixGuy

And that was my whole childhood!

Memories. This is my favourite. - Lunala

7 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice age movies are so amazing! Dawn of the dinosaurs is my personal favorite! The characters are fantastic, the dinosaurs are amazing, and the story is adventurous and has a happy ending! I personally think it should be number one!

Not my favorite dinosaur movie, but should be #5 - Ajkloth

This movie is cool!

8 King Kong (2005)

Pretty cool, the Vastatosaurus Rex was pretty cool, essentially a mutated T. Rex.


9 One Million Years B.C.

Ray Harryhausen did a wonderful job on the dinosaurs and plus he is a genius!

10 The Valley of Gwangi

A very underrated classic.

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11 Land of the Lost

They should do a remake.

Land of the Lost is awesome, Jurassic park is much better,
But Land of the Lost should be higher than 'The Valley of Gwangi' or 'The Land that time forgot - superhawkeyes

12 The Good Dinosaur
13 The Land That Time Forgot
14 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
15 Gertie the Dinosaur

Everyone loves Gertie- he is a legend. Better than Jurassic World which is overrated

I wasnt gertie in me

sexy lad

16 Night at the Museum

On 16 I ment God zilla

17 The Dino King

Thjs was a sweet and sad movie it was a movie I liked that didn't have any human or other animals interaction I was sweet seeing his whole this the first dinosaur movie that touched me

My favorite dino movie ever!

18 Barney's Great Adventure

Dinosaurs featured: NOTHING! - Bertie11

WHO ADDED THIS? thank you I love branie best din omovie yes I still tell pepole I LOVE THIS SHOW! 111111. I still love this show why do people say it is for big babies! 11111111111111111111111111 it is is about kids who are the main characters are then a dinosuar who is pink named barnie is in the magianary, then other two dino friends whom are bro and sis one likes bassball and one likes ballia. then the rice orange new character dino suar thing she is a good boy. and a STEGO SUARS ( I LOVE EM KEEP THIS LIST I LOVE THIS SHOW IS IT FOR TEENS WHY DO PEPOPLE HATE THIS SHOW DORA IS THE WORST HE IS A BAD BOY) -thefattestthing

19 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
20 The Flintstones
21 Jurassic Fight Club

A great serie of dinosaurs fighting other dinosaurs

22 Fantasia
23 Dinosaur King

Great show, but where was Brachiosaurus? - Bertie11

24 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
25 Primeval
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1. Jurassic Park
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1. Jurassic Park
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