Best Movies With One Word Titles

The greatest movies where the movie title consists of only one word.

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41 Memento

Best movie of all time, no matter how many words in the title.

Please, please, please watch this movie. I promise you'll love it.

42 Coraline
43 Up
44 It

Creepy ass clown beats every other movie on this list. Even though the ending's a little disappointing. - TheStupidHobo

45 Avatar

easy.. better than Titanic, movie of the decade for sure

46 Beetlejuice
47 Wall-E
48 Cinderella
49 Inception

Wow 51st place? =O I loved the concept to this movie. No, I don't think it beat out a lot of the other ones on this list, but I had to give it a little boost! Yes, it can be very confusing but once you understand... Its genius! (plus the soundtrack is great! Listening to it right now actually laugh out loud)

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50 Aliens
51 Heat
52 Cliffhanger
53 Pinocchio
54 Casino
55 Tombstone
56 Crash
57 Alexander
58 Contact
59 Robocop
60 Unforgiven

How can you not see the title and not want to watch it after seeing who the actors in the film are? Any film with Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Gene Hackman whose title is UNFORGIVEN surely must be seen.

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